Pali "Peace Partners" Steal Hundreds of Millions $$$$

The “Peace Partners” Who Never Were »

by Joe Kaufman

On February 14th, all of the major Palestinian terrorist factions met at the offices of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) for peace talks. But this was not about peace with the Israelis. No, this was a meeting to reconcile differences, in order to direct all energies in a violent manner against Israel. While the West has been obsessed with locating a “peace partner” for the Jewish state, none would be found here. Read it all>>

Its all Nethanyahu’s Fault:

Hussein Obama  pressed a two-state solution to the Middle East conflict

“Settlements have to be stopped in order for us to move forward,” Obama told Netanyahu.

Its all about “settlements”, you see?  The Obamessiah knows how to settle ….

(Reuters) - U.S. President Barack Obama on Monday pressed a two-state solution to the Middle East conflict but failed to win a commitment from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to back Palestinian statehood. Read it all>>

You can tell that Hussein, America’s first Muslim POTUS really, really likes Jews….

“Don’t the Americans, Europeans and Arabs care about their money that is being stolen?

Khaled Abu ToamehThousands of civil servants whose names appear on the payroll of the Palestinian Authority either do not exist or have never reported for work. The Palestinian Authority has more than 150,000 registered civil servants whose salaries are paid by American, European and Arab governments. Shabaneh’s investigations showed that senior officials in the president’s office and the Palestinian Ministry of Finance have been “diverting” millions of dollars of these payments to their private bank accounts every month. Read it all>>

Rachel Pancake’s Legal Circus

The parents of Rachel Corrie, who was crushed by a bulldozer while acting as a human shield on Gaza (yes, even the Guardian says she was acting as a human shield), are coming to Israel to sue the IDF on March 10, just six days before the 7th anniversary of her death. The case will be heard in a Haifa court.  Carl has more>>  read the whole thing

All the news that’s fit to print:

CAMERA takes the New York Times and the BBC to task for ignoring the ‘Palestinian’ corruption scandal exposed by whistleblower Fahmi Shebaneh / Carl

The War Against The Jews # 2010

The Presbyterian Church in the United States (PCUSA) is about to release a report which denounces Israel as a “racist” nation which has absolutely no historical, covenantal, or theological right to the Holy Land. The report calls for the United States to withhold financial and military aid to Israel and for boycotts and sanctions against Israel. That’s not all. The report also endorses a Palestinian “right of return” and “apologizes to Palestinians for even conceding that Israel has a right to exist.” According to the press release, it also states that Israel’s history begins only with the Holocaust and that Israel is “a nation mistakenly created by Western powers at the expense of the Palestinian people to solve the ‘Jewish problem’.” Phyllis Chesler

Me thinks the Presbyterian church has no right to exist….