Relax! Iran sez nuclear weapons forbidden & Islam is a religion of peace

Oh, and all that genocidal rhetoric against Israel? Just kidding!

“Imam Khamenei says Iran will never seek atom bomb,” from the Ahlul Bayt News Agency, February 19 (thanks to JW): which most likely means they’re going straight to the next bigger thing on the menu….

Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei said Friday that the country neither believes in atomic bombs nor is it seeking to develop such weapons.The Leader said the continuation of allegations by the West that the country is pursuing military objectives in its civilian nuclear program signals that the propaganda campaign against Iran has failed.

Iran has announced many times, he said, that its fundamentals and religious principles consider weapons of mass destruction as “illegal and haraam” — meaning forbidden and prohibited according to Islamic rules….

Iran in no way believes in an atomic bomb, and it does not seek one, Imam Khamenei said….

Yes, but were his fingers crossed when he said it?

Profitsbeard comments:

I think this only means they’re going straight for the Hydrogen Bomb.

Atom, schm-atom!

The imams want the latest instrument of the Apocalpyse.

Not that minor Hiroshima stuff.

2 thoughts on “Relax! Iran sez nuclear weapons forbidden & Islam is a religion of peace”

    BY Allama Muhammad Yousuf Gabriel
    Quotation begins:-
    “Innaha Alaihim Musadah if Amadim Mummadah” (English translation is “It is fire closed in on them in outstretched columns”). “The victims are first to be put in the cylinders and the cylinders are then to be stretched upwards”. Quotation ends.
    Now, please call to your mind the actual scene that of detonation and the explosion, and the subsequent, gradual, upward trend of the explosion column. Prior to the detonation, the victims are put within the area that of the effective range of the explosion. Then the detonation takes place. Then the column is gradually drawn upwards to its maximum height, and the scene is complete.
    (c) Quotation begins:-
    “Amad-im-Mummaddah (English translation is “The outstretched columns).” They are going to be columns of fire of vast extent. Qatadah (a close companion (disciple) of Holy Prophet), is quoted to have said, ” We (the companions of Holy Prophet (peace be upon him), used to discuss Hotama and express the opinion that they are to be columns through which the victims were to be tortured with fire”. Quotation ends.
    Now the experience shows that, the atomic explosions are columns and they are of fire, and are of vast extent, and that the victims are tortured through them by fire.
    (5) Quotations from Tafsir-il-Quran-Il–Azim by Ibn Kathir
    Quotations begin:-
    “Amad-im-Mumaddadah (English translation is “Outstretched columns).” Some said, these columns are to be of iron, the others were of the opinion that they were to be of fire”. Quotation ends.
    Now, the majority have been on the latter side that is these columns were to be of fire. But the former opinion, regarding the iron structure of the columns could well be applied to other bombs, of the conventional type. They are columns of iron, filled with fire in the form of dynamite, etc. Incendiary bombs even provide a still more closer resemblance.
    (6) The Quotations attributed to the person of Holy Prophet himself:-
    Quotation begins:-
    (a) “Allah shall appoint over victims, angels equipped with covers of fire, and nails of fire and columns of fire. So, the angels shall cover the victims with the covers of fire, and shall transfix them with the nails of fire and will stretch the columns of fire upwards. whole thing shall be rendered so overtight that neither relief could enter therein, nor agony could find exit from within”. Quotation ends. (Is quoted by Jalalain).
    It seems hard to find another description of atomic explosion, with all its various characteristics and constituents more exactly than this description. The atomic explosion is exactly a cover of fire. It resembles a cauldron of fire inverted. The rays of ionizing radiations, that is Alpha, Beta, gamma rays and the Neutrons, are best described as nails of fire and they pierce through the body of their victims and pin them down so that they cannot escape from the field, until the process of the atomic phenomenon is complete. These stretching upward of the columns of atomic explosion we have more than once explained and by now, in the light of practical experience, the fact remains no longer a mystery to the whole vast mankind over the earth.
    (b) Quotation begins:-
    “The angel gets hold of the victim and placing him over the knee, breaks him like a wooden stick, and then casts him into the fire”. Quotation ends.
    This placing of the culprit on the knee by the angel and breaking him like a stick of wood may be referred to blast effect of the atomic bomb. To understand the thing perfectly we first must understand the method of destruction by the blast. The first effect of a blast wave on a structure is that of gigantic hammer blow. When the shock front of the blast wave reaches the rear end of the structure, it is completely surrounded by the wave, and the effect of the blast pressure is to squeeze or crush the structure: Let this process be carefully understood in order to corroborate it by the process that of ” Placing on the knee and breaking it like a stick of wood”. The shock wave would place a structure between its two knees and then squeeze or crush the structure to pieces. The duration of the blast of a nominal atom bomb is of the order of one second, more than a hundred times what it is for conventional bomb, while the positive pressure phase for a 20 megaton bomb is about 10 seconds. Now what will this monster not do with structure in so long duration and so strong a blast. It is interesting to observe that the blast of a smaller bomb of nominal size will not break the back bone of man, man’s body being remarkably resistant to damage by blast wave in air, but larger atom bombs by mere blast of say a peak pressure of the order of 200/250 LB/in 2 would cause general bodily damage of serious kind. Hemorrhage is caused in the lungs and at other places where tissue has an internal boundary surface with an air or gas cavity, and ear drums burst. Man copiously bleeds through throat and nose, and bleeds within, because the whole body internally has been crushed and broken. yet, the angels are not to be confused and confounded with the laws of nature. Angels are a separate, species of rational, thinking beings, whereas the laws of nature and natural forces are in themselves mute, and working only under the control and command of the Creator, without freewill to think or act.
    Allama Muhammad Yousuf Gabriel
    Adara Afqar e Gabriel QA St. Nawababad Wah Cantt Distt Rawalpindi Pakistan

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