Religion of Baby Tossers

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“Bubbly Baby” thrown from bridge

EAST ORANGE — The mother of a 3-month-old girl allegedly thrown from the Garden State Parkway’s Driscoll Bridge by her father Tuesday night pleaded today for her daughter’s safe return.

State Police are continuing to search the river today for the infant. “She is a very bubbly baby,” Benjamin, of East Orange, said. “She’s an angel. She always laughs. She’d laugh at anything.”  Abdur-Raheem, 21, who does not have custody rights for his daughter, is accused of attacking the child’s grandmother at her East Orange apartment before fleeing with the girl.

Now here’s the money quote:

The suspect, Abdur-Raheem, was religious and said his prayers regularly.

Rageem  said that his son visited two mosques Tuesday evening before he was arrested.

Its a cultural thing,  you see?  Just like FGM, polygamy, child-marriage, wife beating, etc.  Who are we to judge, right?

Baby throwing in India

For those who may be worried:

… which doesn’t mean its banned yet….

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    [quote] “Venetta Benjamin, the infants mother isn’t convinced Shamsid-din threw their daughter off the GSP Driscoll bridge. She says:
    “Benjamin, however, says, “I really, truly do not think she is there.”

    The 23-year-old mother and college student believes, instead, that her baby is alive and that Abdur-Raheem, who was often jealous and possessive of his girlfriend, lied to police.

    “He will say anything to get to me,” she said yesterday, but added that she also believes, “he knows right from wrong. He wasn’t raised like this.”” [end quote]

    There’s none so blind as cannot see.

    [Isn’t it a wee bit ironic that this site requires one to ‘submit’ rather than ‘post’ a comment? ;p]

  2. It’s not only muslims who throw their babies from a bridge. Non-muslims have been known to do the same.

  3. “It’s not only muslims who throw their babies from a bridge.”

    Really? Who would have thought.

    So that makes us just like them. Or does it make them just like us?

  4. They found that poor baby’s body on the banks of the Raritan. The dirtbag did it. And that poor baby survived the fall and died by drowning. How despicable.

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