Since when is it our business to "‘wage a war on illiteracy’ in the Arab and Islamic world?"

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Update: The Brits got the message already:

Call to wage ‘war on illiteracy’ in Islamic world

Q:  are educated, literate Islamic terrorists less dangerous to us infidels than ignorant, primitive illiterate ones?

The Peninsula

DOHA: A key Arab delegate to the US-Islamic World Forum yesterday called on Washington to ‘wage a war on illiteracy’ in the Arab and Islamic world saying it would help foster better relations between the two sides.

Some 40 percent of the Muslim population in the world is illiterate. Besides, there is brain drain from these countries to the West, said Amr Khaled.

He was one of the panelists at a post-lunch debate on ‘Towards a More Robust US-Muslim Engagement: From Concept to Concrete Outcomes’ at the Forum.

The three-day event opened at the Doha Sheraton yesterday. The forum is held annually by the Brookings Project on US Relations with the Islamic World and the Saban Center for Middle East Policy in collaboration with the State of Qatar.

The panelists at yesterday’s post-lunch discussions included Farah Pandith, Special representative for Muslim Communities, US Department of State; Abdullah bin Ali Al Thani, Vice-President for Education, Qatar Foundation; and David Chavern, Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice-President, US Chamber of Commerce, besides Amr Khaled.

The moderator of the session was Hady Amr, Director of the Brookings Doha Center.

According to Amr Khaled, poverty and diseases are the other major woes facing the Arab world, so instead of focusing on its war on terror, the US must engage itself in the fight against these evils.

The cost of fighting illiteracy in the Muslim world is estimated at around $10bn. The sum isn’t much considering the huge advantages. (Advantage for whom? How is the world going to benefit from literate Arab Muslims?)

The debate was interactive as Hady Amr posed questions to the panelists and asked them to give brief answers.

Pandith who has vast experience serving with the USAID in the Middle East, said she had been asked by Hillary Clinton to socialise the US Department of State.

“We are embarking on people-to-people contact in order to develop long-term relationship at the grassroots level,” she pointed out.

Since 45 percent of the world population is under the age of 30 years engaging with young people is one of Washington’s priorities. “With our embassies around the world we are talking to the people,” she said.

“This is not a short-term goal to be popular,” she explained and said interacting closely with the ‘facebook generation’ was important.

Dr Abdullah Ali Al Thani, while introducing Qatar Foundation to the audience, said six major US universities were in the Education City and its students came from 60 nationalities.

Some 75 percent students are women and Qatar Foundation provided scholarships to needy and deserving students, he said.

An interactive question and answer session followed the debate. The questions were so many that the organisers had to extend the duration of the session by 15 minutes.THE PENINSULA

5 thoughts on “Since when is it our business to "‘wage a war on illiteracy’ in the Arab and Islamic world?"”

  1. Saudi Arabia surely can cough up $10 billion. They have subsidized and are still subsidizing the building of mosques and distribution of free qur’ans in the abode of war. It is their duty to elevate the illiterate Muhammadan masses, not the kaffirs’.
    The USA on the other hand should use the money they still have to help their own population many of whom are unemployed. The USA have been acting as the global Santa Claus/Father Christmas on behave countries like Egypt, Pakistan etc., etc. for too long. Their first duty is to help their own citizens.
    What good will those literacy campaigns do? Muhammad Atta, Bin Laden, al Zawahiri aren’t exactly illiterates.
    It is typical of the Muhammadan frame of mind to expect help from outside benefactors while at the same time maligning or even demonising the selfsame benefactors. The word gratitude doesn’t occur in the Muslim vocabulary except gratitude towards their fellow Muslims.

  2. As said Mulhid,most of all the Terrorist are litterate we have many example (Major Hasan the twin brother of Dominique) etc,etc….I think i really prefer they stay Ignorant it’s much more safe for us because when they know how to read,they read the coran and they all want to Blown in the air.

  3. It’s not our business to wage war on illiterates, but it is very much our business to keep them bottled up in their own countries and not allow them to come to our countries bringing their message of hate and violence. I reckon when they come to our countries, they should be open game for all hunters and we have a shooting season for them just as we have for ducks.

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