So now they're trying to blow up the loo…

Loo man poo:

Islamic Jihad Terrorist Thugs Attempt to Destroy China Southern Airliner by lighting a fire in the lavatory

Of course, what that means is that all lighters and matches will be  confiscated when you board a plane in the future:

China Jihad/ Jawa Report/Christy Li

Islamic Jihad Terrorist Thugs in China, attempt to destroy a China Southern airliner, by lighting a fire in the lavatory on Saturday.

The flight departing for Wuhan, was forced to make an emergency landing returning to Diwobao International Airport in Urumqi, capital city of Xinjiang.

Two passengers a man and a woman were removed from the aircraft by Chinese Authorities.

Xinjiang’s  population of 21 million is divided between Turkic Uighur’s Muslims and Han Chinese, many who have arrived in recent years.

In March, 2008 two passengers a Uighur Muslim man and woman, were taken into custody by Chinese authorities after attempting to bring down a China Southern Airline jet enroute from Xinjiang to Beijing, by igniting a liquid smuggled in a canned drink.

On the 17 July, I wrote here that President Obama claims that Uighur Muslims pose no threat to security and are merely misunderstood victims of circumstance.

More here from Shanghai Daily

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  1. Nothing to do with China, but to do with muslim terror & lax sentencing:
    Laser offender spared jail over Qantas incident
    By Candice Marcus

    An ex-Turkish soldier who shone a laser at a Qantas jet as it was about to land has been given a suspended jail sentence in the District Court in Adelaide.

    Turkish national Irfan Bozan, 26, pleaded guilty to prejudicing the safe operation of an aircraft.

    The court heard he had been playing with a laser while he was a passenger in a car travelling between Adelaide and Victor Harbor last August.

    It was told he shone it at signs, pedestrians and cars.


    “Get out of jail free”

  2. Why don’t they just rule that we come naked and leave naked. When we arrive we will get all holes searched to the best of their abilities and any stitches will be opened up to search for bombs since the Muslims are now talking about sewing bombs into breast implants and into the skins of the males.

    yep – that should do it. Now, if this is a go – my dirty old lady part of me will be happy. I don’t care if I go around nude and I know I will enjoy myself with the view! I won’t find flying so boring anymore.

  3. R-not,

    I don’t know if you’re joking or not, but the ” dirty part of you” is exactly why your nations are being overrun by this cult. While you are busy carousing and running around naked, a savage, vicious people are busy planning a swift takeover of your countries. The shocking news is that they are already in your midst.

    No one has said it better that Peter some 2000 years ago: “Live as free men, but do not use your freedom as a cover-up for evil; live as servants of God.”

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