Stefania Craxi believes in the 'greater EUrabian prosperity zone'

How can Berlusconi put up with this?

Stefania Craxi:

Southern Shore Natural Outlet for Europe


(ANSAmed) — ROME, FEBRUARY 25 — Europe must avoid the risk of an excessive orientation towards the east and the Balkans and must consider its natural outlet to be “none other than the Mediterranean area”.

This is the emphasis that came from the deputy foreign minister, Stefania Craxi, while speaking today at the Mediterranean Economic Forum. Italy in particular, she continued, considers the Mediterranean as a “natural basin for developing its own economic and political interests”. And in the phase in which the six added secretary general positions of the Mediterranean Union are being discussed, the country is looking to, with its candidate, “for the position of senior deputy secretary in charge of project financing”, she reminded, to ensure “the implementation of large scale projects in the Mediterranean, above all in infrastructure”. Italy can naturally present itself as a leader, Stefania Craxi continued, with the small and medium sized enterprise model, “as well as the social and economic model”, which can be a condition for the “political stability” of the countries along the Mediterranean’s southern shore. Besides, the Italian economy must look to this area, not only from the trade perspective but also as a “structured economic and industrial partner”. Stefania Craxi pointed out the presence of Italian entrepreneurs in the various countries, “from Algerian projects to the new scenarios opening in Libya, and I am not just referring to the 5 billion dollars in 20 years” for infrastructure work.

In Tunisia, she went on to say, “we need to combine the impressing number of small and medium sized enterprises from Italy with the capacity to thrive in the market, exploiting the special areas decided by the government to encourage foreign investment”, as well as the possibilities created by the fact that it is the only country to have signed an association agreement with the European Union for the industrial products, along with the sovereign funds aimed at the real estate sector and the development of tourism. As for Egypt and Morocco, which have “growth margins of interesting proportions, in the area we can only count limitedly”, she indicated, “on the presence of our banking system, which preferred in the past to concentrate on Eastern Europe and the Balkans”.

More sucking up in Damascus:

Economy: More EU-Arab Coooperation Needed, Experts

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  2. Maybe we’ll be grateful to muslims in the future

    The eu has terrible things in store for us …….. INDEC , the surveillance system / compulsory psychoanalysis for middle aged people who
    don’t fit in with the eu’s idea of motivated workers etc .

    But if the muslims provoke a fight ( I mean a battle to end all battles )and we get the better of them , new leaders will have had to emerge ,
    who won’t let themselves go back under the eu yoke .
    And by that time , it should be obvious to everyone in uk who was responsible for putting us in that situation .

    The eu and the muslims -two birds with one stone .

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