The Castrated Serfs of EUNUCHISTAN

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No free speech, no right to bear arms….

The Road to Castrated Serfdom

Socialism is a road to serfdom, as F.A. Hayek has famously diagnosed. It is only the arrogance and greed for power of the socialist elites ruling the West — excepting only a Liechtenstein here and there, or a Thatcher/Reagan once in a half century — that the serfs themselves don’t know it. That’s because their state-fashioned schooling and mental laundry by mass media enforce an omertà on the brilliant Austrian and his ideas.

But neosocialism, of which dhimmisocialism is a sub-category, does the original concept one better. It’s the road to castrated serfdom. H/T Gates of Vienna

Other News:

Five U.S. Muslims who confessed to joining jihad in Pakistan: just kidding!

Apparently their avowal of jihad didn’t help them as much as they thought it would. An update on, and reversal of, this story. “Five American Muslims retract statement on joining Jihad,” from PTI, thanks to JW/ I guess we need more “interfaith dialogue…”

A Preview of What Happens When Muslims Reach Critical Mass: Jews Forced to Leave Malmo, Sweden

By Debbie Schlussel

First, the Israeli Davis Cup Tennis Team couldn’t play tennis in public in Malmo, Sweden because savage Muslims would endanger their lives and probably rip them to shreds and the Swedish simply didn’t believe they could control the rioting crowd.

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