The Goracle Meltdown

As the fraud unravels, the rats are running for cover. Gore is trying to save his investments:

Al Gore on ‘climate crisis’ : ‘Worse than we thought’

“The sky is falling, the end is nigh, we all gonna die….”

In the midst of heavy snow fall all over the United States and a recent admission from global warming advocate Phil Jones that there has been no warming since1995, former Vice-President Al Gore is sticking to his guns. In a February 12 statement, he writes on his website the following:

More evidence of the climate crisis is unfolding before our eyes. The situation in the Arctic is worse than data from satellite pictures have told us:  more from WaPo

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WaPo tries to help him keep the fraud alive:

Series of missteps by climate scientists threatens climate-change agenda

Donald Trump for once makes sense: “Eat Meat, STFU & don’t worry about cow farts…”

“the Nobel committee should take the Nobel Prize back from Al Gore,”

Indeed, they should.

Only Downunder there are those who still worry about camel farts, and PM KRudd is one of them:

Camel farts and other warmist nonsense

Piers Akerman

THE insanity all of those who have been engaged in running the great global warming scam is summed up by the decision to recognise belches and farts from domestic camels, and not those emitted by the feral camel population, when calculating a nation’s carbon footprint.   Continue reading ‘Camel gas and other warmist nonsense’

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Death of the wind farms

California’s wind farms—then comprising about 80% of the world’s wind generation capacity—ceased to generate much more quickly than Kamaoa.  In the best wind spots on earth, over 14,000 turbines were simply abandoned.  Spinning, post-industrial junk which generates nothing but bird kills…

Sultan Knish has this:

The Temperature at Which Global Warming Freezes

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  1. Washington D.C. has now officially had the worst winter since they started keeping records in the 1880’s. The D.C. area so far [and winter isn’t even over yet!] has received 63.5 inches of snow, which on record normally receives 13.4 inches on average.

    Even nature is mocking Al Gore.

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