The Jackboots of the “Anti-Fascists”

The Scottish Defence League march in Edinburgh will face a counter protest

Tundra Tabloids:


Trampling on the right to free assembly while using gestapo-like tactics to frighten the families of EDL members, is something the British police force deems a good thing. Otherwise, what explains the tactics employed by the British police? Jack boots on the neck and groin, gee, where have we seen that before?
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by Baron Bodissey

We’ve seen what happens when the people of Europe attempt to mount peaceful protests against the Islamization of their countries. They are vilified in the press and by government spokesmen, denounced as “fascists” and “racists”, and subjected to arbitrary arrests, interrogations, and whatever administrative punishments the authorities can cobble together under anti-incitement laws.

The authorities often find it helpful to use the AFA/Antifa organizations — anarchist groups that call themselves “anti-fascists” — to do the scuffling and breaking of heads, and thus permit official law enforcement to keep its hands fastidiously clean. In Britain the most prominent “anti-fascist” group is UAF, “United Against Fascism”. Their primary mission nowadays is to suppress the anti-jihad activists of the English Defence League, the Welsh Defence League, and the Scottish Defence League.

The latest confrontation occurred yesterday in Edinburgh, where the SDL planned a peaceful demonstration. If you depended upon the local media for your news, you’d conclude that the admirable anti-fascists of Edinburgh had done their civic duty in suppressing the neo-Nazis of the SDL:
Edinburgh protestTHOUSANDS of people marched through the centre of Edinburgh on an anti-fascist protest this afternoon.

Supporters of the Scotland United rally gathered in Princes Street Gardens to hear addresses from politicians including Justice Minister Kenny MacAskill and city leader Jenny Dawe. They then marched up The Mound and along George IV Bridge to The Meadows.

A breakaway group gathered at the bottom of the Royal Mile close to the Jenny Ha pub, where members of the right-wing organisation the Scottish Defence League were believed to be drinking.

A heavy police cordon closed off the street around the pub to keep protesters at a distance, with officers at times lining up against the pub doorway to prevent anyone stepping outside.

Despite the stand-off, violent outbreaks appear to have been avoided.

There you go! Fascists were stymied, and violence was avoided. Well done, John Peel!

Davey Crockett  sent in these links:

“Britain Ignores Anti-Muslim Hatred”: MCB/Abdul Bari whines….

But that’s not quite what happened. Through the magic of the Internet, we can present to you another version of yesterday’s events. Then you’ll be able to see who the real fascists in Britain are. All the familiar elements are in place: a huge police cordon, the refusal to allow the demonstrators to gather, mass arbitrary arrests, tacitly condoned violence by the “anti-fascists”, and raids on the homes of peaceful civilians.

Many thanks to Gaia for sending the following report from the UK:

The SDL (Scottish Defence League) planned a peaceful protest against extreme Islam in Edinburgh yesterday, Saturday 20th December, Many of their English associates in the EDL made their way to join their Scottish counterparts, but according to reports coming from Edinburgh:

Supporters who arrived at Waverley train station were forced back onto trains heading away from Edinburgh by the Police. Those travelling by road were stopped; some had their vehicles damaged by aggressive Police officers.


In the City itself, the Police threatened anyone who attempted to protest with immediate arrest. Meanwhile, far-left so-called ‘anti-fascism’ protesters were allowed to wander the streets without any Police opposition. These same protesters made numerous attempts to attack EDL and SDL supporters, while nearby Police officers turned a blind eye. It is clear that today’s Police actions were politically motivated and that the Police Force as a whole can no longer be considered to be politically neutral. They have chosen their side. No further confirmation is needed other than the statement of the Scottish ‘Justice’ Minister, Kenny MacAskill (SNP — Scottish National Party), when he said that the “fact that the SDL didn’t make it out of Waverley Station is testament to good policing”, though this comes as no surprise as this is the man who, just last year ordered the release of the Lockerbie Bomber, Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al Megrahi. The word “Dhimmi” springs to mind. [emphasis added]

The EDL issued the following statement at the end of the day’s events:

Read further…

Regarding the arrest of the EDL leadership

Europe News

On Saturday 20th February 2010 Members of the leadership team of the English Defence League were arrested as they traveled to Scotland to support the Scottish Defence League demonstration.

While in custody the team members homes and families homes were raided by police armed with automatic machine guns which terrified the leaderships family which included small children and other older family members. Computer equipment was seized during the 3 hour raid.

Leadership team members were banned from attending any meeting with more than 3 edl members then bailed to return to a police station in Sheffield in the near future.

We are asking every member of the EDL to be available to protest outside the police station when the team has to answer bail. (date to be confirmed).

We need to get the message across that we will not be silenced by being bullied by the authorities and our struggle against muslim extremism will continue.

We have agreed to cancel the Bradford demo as a small concession but will be announcing further protests as a result of the disgraceful treatment of our leadership team.

This is a call to mobilization.

We need every single person who supports the EDL to stand up and be counted and when required we need you to take to the streets in a peaceful and law abiding manner to support our leadership. More details will be released regarding demonstrations in the very near future.

If any EDL Members are arrested by the police please let EDL Media know as soon as possible as we are forming a group action and will be making an official complaint to the authorities in the near future.

Thank you in advance for your support.

“Fears of violence as far-right group admits it can’t control followers”

“Fears of violence”, you see… can’t have that.

The Herald’s Jasper Hamill spins it:

With only a week to go before the Scottish Defence League takes to the streets of Edinburgh for a second time, the leaders of the far-right organisation have admitted that they have lost control over the supporters that follow their protests.

A recent English Defence League demonstration in Stoke turned into a “pogrom” against Muslims, according to anti-fascists, that was so violent it shocked even the Defence League leadership, who were quick to deny responsibility. Now Defence League organisers say that this Saturday’s planned demonstration in the capital is at risk of descending into chaos because leaders are losing control of the mass movement.

More than 1,500 people turned up on the side of the English Defence League in Stoke – the sister organisation of the Scottish Defence League – dwarfing the tiny number of anti-fascists that gathered to stand against them.

The mob turned over police riot vans, smashed the windows of Muslim homes and tried to attack a mosque. Organisers believe some 500 Scottish Defence League supporters will turn up in the capital next weekend.

Defence League leaders claim that hundreds of BNP supporters and other thugs turned up in Stoke simply looking for a fight.

Mickey, who leads Casuals United and is part of the EDL leadership, said: “Stoke was horrendous. It went mental. Hundreds of BNP members turned up. You can’t go around rioting like that, because eventually they’ll ban the movement. The people that came don’t care about the EDL, they just turn up for the riots.”

He added: “We’re not conspiring to cause riots. Yes, we have a lot of criminals attaching themselves to us and people that come along to kick off, but we’re trying to deal with that.”

The police are now so concerned about the Defence Leagues that the have set up a special unit to try and combat them.

Fear of infiltration is at fever pitch amongst the far-right group, with leaders even claiming that Special Branch tried to sneak into their ranks by disguising an officer as a Hells Angel.

The biker allegedly visited every regional Defence League leader in the county, asking for membership details and taking photographs. When enquires were made, no motorcycle gang had heard of him.

Police have also warned the EDL that Islamic extremists are plotting to attack their demonstrations and told them that any future protests in Birmingham could be attacked by suicide bombers.

Meanwhile, the Defence Leagues are making allegiances of their own, including with the Orange Order in Belfast, with the aim of opening a wing of the Defence Leagues in Ulster.

Mickey had this further warning: “People all around the country are kicking off against Islam. The government and police must be worried. Our movement’s gone from 30 or 40 people when we started doing demos in London, to thousands now. It hasn’t even been a year.”

Unite Against Fascism held its annual conference yesterday. The group feels that the threat from fascism is worse than ever and has warned that racist violence could become commonplace on the streets of Britain unless action is taken to combat it.

Weyman Bennet, joint secretary of Unite Against Fascism, said: “There was an attempt to try and have a kind of pogrom in Stoke.

“You’ve got fascists becoming successful in elections. Fascists are also at the centre of bringing racist football thugs on to the streets. This brings us into a very dangerous situation and we are at risk of major conflict.

“We will protest against the EDL or SDL wherever they go. We will not allow them to intimidate a community.”

7 thoughts on “The Jackboots of the “Anti-Fascists””

  1. What became only from this once proud people?
    Churchill would rotate in the grave like a turbine!

    A comment in German, from the German blog PI.

    The real tragedy will be when Germans accuse us of being Nazi.

    So the question is – how big a price are we prepared to pay to keep Muslims in the West. We have already paid the price

    1.Freedom of expression – gone
    2. Freedom for women – gone
    3. Homosexuals under threat
    4. Jews may have to live in protected zones – ghettos.

    How much more?

  2. Hi Shiek
    There are a few things missing

    #1 The SDL did not have a permit to demostrate

    #2 What you saw in Edinburgh was a police reaction to the violence in Stoke where EDL members where caught on video beating and kicking the police and smashing police vans.

    Not only that but one of the EDL,s speakers at stoke was attacked while restrainings EDL members from smashing a police van

    In the video below we see at 0:49 a person wearing the offical clothing of EDL WHOPPING a cop

    The EDL demos tend to degenerate into disorder. You cannot plan chaos to happen on a city’s streets. I’m afraid EDL are reaping the wind of their lack of organisation, and rejection of people that do that. What happened at Stoke was simply not acceptable to the civil authorities, and the police were reasonable there, and they did try to make things run smoothly.

    Unfortunately, EDL just don’t get it.

    #3 In the article above by Jasper Hamill, He mentions a Hells Angel who also happened to be an EDL moderator. He threatened me on EDL,s forum with violence should I attend an EDL demo, what was disturbing, he had the support of most other members, and I was banned from EDL while I was in the process of exposing him as a liability to EDL

    #4 Anybody who takes a hard line against islam on EDL,s forum, are banned. You would not last ten minutes there

    So the truth is the police aren’t restricting basic freedoms. The freedom to *peacefully* protest is still fully alive in the UK. The police arrested the EDL because there is no right to assault police and kick in the windscreens of police vans.
    and ask yourself… Do citizens have the “right” to do that?

    All along, one of the critical problems of the EDL has been its barely contained desire to fight. Chavs who are constantly posturing about how tough they are, and think it’s okay to fight back when provoked. So the cops push them back, and they smash the police van. And that seems like a reasonable tit-for-tat.

    One only has to spend a little time on their forum to notice a very strong undercurrent of violence.

    The EDL are more of a liability to the anti-jihad movement than the potential blessing they could have been

    1. Shiva,

      Thanks for that. Your concerns are noted. Always good to hear from you!

      If this comes to a head, (as it must) it will not be pretty.

      Usually its the rabble that gets down and dirty.

      When its Mohammedan rabble, the police makes a run for it.

      When the natives grow restless, the Moslem infested ‘authorities’ come down on ’em like a ton of bricks.

      Am I missing something?

  3. The truth is I was banned along with about ten other people for trying to point out the myth of moderate moslems.

    Yet they totally miss the point that it was two so called moderate moslems who organized the opposition they faced in Edinburgh.

    Osama Saeed
    is the chief executive of the Scottish-Islamic Foundation and a Scottish National Party activist. In the next General Election he will be standing as the SNP candidate for Glasgow Central.

    He is a prominent media figure in Scotland and has been listed as one of country’s Top 100 thinkers and opinion formers by the Scotsman newspaper, one of the country’s “Brightest and Best” by the Sunday Herald, and has been described as Scotland’s most influential Muslim by the Sunday Times. His blog, “Rolled up Trousers” was named top Scottish political blog by Grant Thoms in 2007.[1]

    After the 2007 Glasgow International Airport attack, he organised what is considered to be the first ever Muslim-organised demonstration against Al-Qaeda terrorism in the world. In March 2008, he called for legislation to be enacted against forced marriages,[2] with the Scottish Government announcing a consultation with a view to legislation on the issue a few months later.

    Saeed was born and brought up in Glasgow. He is an alumnus of the US State Department’s International Visitor Leadership Program, and one of the American Society for Muslim Advancement’s ‘Muslim Leaders of Tomorrow’. He was formerly employed by Scotland’s current First Minister Alex Salmond in the House of Commons.

    Before the Scottish-Islamic Foundation, he was a spokesman for the Muslim Association of Britain in Scotland. He also had an important role in the Stop the War Coalition.

    His support of Islamic schools in Scotland, and his article in The Guardian advocating that the restoration of a Caliphate could be based on democracy and human rights, have made him controversial

    Aamer Anwar,
    a Scottish Human Rights lawyer of Pakistani background. He is noted for his left-wing political views and his support for Stop the War Coalition

    He was also the lawyer for this PoS Mohammed Atif Siddique is a Scottish prisoner who was found guilty, but later cleared on appeal, of “collecting terrorist-related information, setting up websites…and circulating inflammatory terrorist publications”, resulting in a sentence of eight years’ imprisonment. His defence has consistently been that he was a curious 20-year old youth, still living with his parents, who was “looking for answers on the internet”. His conviction was quashed on appeal on the 29th of January, 2010.

    Ironically it is taboo to discuss moderate moslems on EDL,s site, yet It is moderate moslems that are locking them down in Scotland.

  4. ‘The Jackboots of the “Anti-Fascists”
    by sheikyermami on February 22, 2010

    shiva February 24, 2010 at 6:49 am’

    shiva, your post sounds reasonable, however, we consider that moderate Muslims, usually highly educated ones, practice
    Stealth Jihad.

    Taqiyya and kitman prevail, while they help Islam become established and dominant in the host country.

    Sorry! We do not buy it either.
    [Although, I have nothing in common with the EDL or SDL tactics. Words are my weapons]

  5. Hi again

    Here is something to smile about


    By Ryan Parry 24/02/2010

    Disgraced police chief knocked unconscious and attacked with a bucket of excrement

    Disgraced police commander Ali Dizaei was knocked out and had excrement poured over his head in a violent prison attack.

    The former Met chief, 47, was jumped from behind by inmates in a CCTV blindspot on one of the landings.

    The assault has left the corrupt officer terrified as it came just three days after he was transferred from another jail over attack fears.

    Dizaei has now been put in seclusion for his safety. A prison source said: “He was walking along one of the prison landings when another inmate came up behind him and dumped a bucket of s*** over his head.

    “As he was wiping it off he was punched square in the face and knocked out.

    “Everyone feared Ali would be targeted by other prisoners, it was inevitable because of his reputation.

    “But this was a deeply unpleasant attack and he is terrified it will happen again.”

    The assault was on Monday evening at the part open Category C Edmunds Hill – where Boy George, Jack Tweed and Amy Winehouse’s ex-husband Blake Fielder-Civil served time.

  6. @ Shiva –

    Today must be the international islamic day of comedy or something, first there was the revert who moved to Pakistan, only to get blown up with her new muslim husband, and now this!!!:

    Dizaei has now been put in seclusion for his safety. A prison source said: “He was walking along one of the prison landings when another inmate came up behind him and dumped a bucket of s*** over his head.

    I’ve never laughed so much at the comical antics of the followers of mo!!! Thanks for sharing the story, I never bother with the Daily Mirror so I would have missed the it otherwise!

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