The Muslim invasion of Greece, Malta…

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Malta struggles to cope with Muslim invasion

Italy: Let’s round up the Muslims

“We all know what has happened during the last years, hordes of Muslims have invaded and that cannot be allowed to continue. I criticize the left that has imported the hordes of Muslim and created the Muslim ghettos in Italy. Let them be afraid of then round ups and deportations.” (sounds familiar, doesn’t it?)

Italy: Imam decries Egyptian Muslim murder – not the Muslim riot

Angry residents in the tense, high-immigrant neighbourhood heckled De Corato when he visited the area on Sunday after the riots. The residents accused the ruling conservative city council of “forcing us Italians to live barricaded in our homes amid continuous drug-dealing.”  One Northern League member of the European Parliament, Matteo Salvini, called for “expulsions house by house, floor by floor”.

Moslem invaders in Athens

Κομιτορεάλ — Kimon / thanks to Counter Jihad

The grim situation on the streets of Athens, similar to that of a third world capital, with more than 150,000 illegal immigrants only in the centre of the city, thousands of clandestine vendors, an army of immigrants to jostle in the City soup kitchens and prostitution, was painted yesterday by the mayor of City, Nikitas Kaklamanis.

“This picture, is not consistent with that of a European capital, and is added to the drugs, outbreaks of tuberculosis, hepatitis and AIDS due to the presence of too many foreigners in the occupied districts of Athens.

The final blow to the once thriving trade of the city, give the dozens of illegal shops, that opens and closes with staggering rates nationals of countries from Asia and Africa, helping to create the absolute chaos.

If you recognize the crime has increased by at least 16.25% between 2007 and 2008 (it was almost zero before the arrival of the immigrants) you can see that Athens has almost become a “war zone”.

Something not far from reality, are daily clashes between different gangs of immigrants from Asia and Africa.” At the same time begins to emerge the first outbreaks of resistance of Greek citizens in the neighbourhoods of Athens.

Mr. Kaklamanis portrayed a grey picture on prostitution too, where thousands of African children are exploited by immigrant gangs, without any interference by the public authorities and the police. Only from the illegal trade, every year the state lose two billion Euros. An alarming situation is the increasing number of homeless immigrants. An estimated number of 1,700 of them are dispersed in 460 different parts of the city, parks, hills and squares, up the abandoned wagons and the ruined buildings on the edge of central Omonia Square.

According to the most modest estimates throughout Athens, there are 1640 abandoned buildings that house immigrants.

For its part the City is doing all it can to support the immigrants, said the Major. Daily the city feeds 5,000 immigrants by giving them three full meals, 365 days a year.

In addition, the community grocery store serves 1,600 people annually, while at the hospice of the City 180 people find a warm bed the mayor said.

The painting of Athens today is completed by a lot of Greek citizens mugged daily even in the central streets of Athens by immigrants gangs. Shooting, killing, violence and robberies of banks, shops, houses puts the final details in the picture. At the same time the Greek government invites every muslim from Asia and Africa to immigrate in the country.

“Why are you afraid off ?” said yesterday the minister of “Protection of Citizen ” (Sic) Mr. Chrisochoidis in the house of parliament.

“Even the president of USA is a muslim!!!

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  1. al-Britannia continues to do what it does best – roll over:

    UK firm eyes first Halal industrial park

    [The Super Halal Industrial Park (SHIP) will be based in South Wales and will take three to five years to launch, said Mahesh Jayanarayan, chairman of Halal Industries, who chose Wales for the project because of its meat industries and affordable land prices.]

  2. Via Times of Malta:

    The Secretary of the Libyan People’s Bureau, Saadun Suayeh, has presented €10,000 to Mariam al Batool School “to help it to continue its educational and spiritual services and to attain its noble aim of securing a modern education for Muslim students, maintaining their Islamic cultural identity, and preparing them to become good Maltese Muslim citizens who believe in mutual respect, tolerance and peace and work for the prosperity, development and welfare of the Maltese society.”

    The donation was handed to the Headmistress, Maria Camilleri in the presence of Omar Farhat, the Director of the Malta Branch of the World Islamic Call Society [ed: Gaddafi’s missionary organization] and Imam Mohammad el Sadi [ed: Malta’s chief Mufti].

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