The Times They Are A-Changin'….

Unfortunately, Islam doesn’t.

Hussein Obama,  Michelle Obama, Joe Biden and his wife, Jill, all sat front-row and center at the White House’s East Room while Dylan sang his classic song, accompanied by a stand-up bass and piano. RTT News

Obama has decided that Climate Change poses a greater risk to national security than either a Nuclear Iran or Islamic Terrorism.

In New Video, Uighur Jihadists Claim Attacks in China

The Islamic Party of Turkestan (IPT), an Uighur jihadist organization, released a video on February 10, 2010 in which it claimed to have carried out a number of attacks in China in 2009, in retribution for the events of July 2009 in Urumqi. MEMRI

Black market for red roses in green Saudi Arabia

Love-less religion:  Saudi Arabia launches its annual jihad against Valentine’s Day and we have this from Indonesia:  Muslim clerics allege Valentine’s Day leads to “free sex”

“There is no humor in Islam. There is no fun in Islam. There can be no fun and joy in whatever is serious.” — Ayatollah Khomeini

More on this story. “Saudi Arabia: Black market for red roses surges with Valentine’s Day crackdown,” by Meris Lutz in the Los Angeles Times via JW

He thought he did the right thing:

Former U.S. Rep. Charlie Wilson dead at 76

Friends said Wilson was most proud of his role in defeating the Soviets in Afghanistan…

Somehow, all that Hopn’Change is not happening……

How can we practice our religion if we can’t terrorize you?

“NUDE” BODY SCANNERS violate teachings of Islam, says Terrorist Front Group CAIR

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3 thoughts on “The Times They Are A-Changin'….”

  1. Islam must be respected. Period.

    Muslims should not be subjected to shameful body scanning, as it goes against the tenets of Islam.

    Those who argue that it is absurd that the very people who have necessitated such security measures, should now be exempted, are really being quite illogical and ISLAMOPHOBIC. There is no proof that Islam is the cause of terrorism – ask any Home Office or State department official. Islam is the RoP, and so say all of them.

    However Christians, particularly nuns wearing the well know Nazi cross, and Norwegian grandmothers, must be rigorously inspected – full body scans, strip search, the lot. There can be no exceptions – the law applies to all.
    This logical inconsistency is going to create an electrical storm in the minds of the PC thought police. “CANNOT COMPUTE” will lead to the death of PC.

    In the end, there is no doubt that Islam will lead to the death of the West unless we (PM, US president, EU president etal) openly and publicly admit that they/we made a mistake, and set about correcting it.

    That or full scale war. Now our politicians can never admit to such a catastrophic mistake – which means war will be the final arbiter.

  2. I think it is time for the world to get rid of Islam once and for all. These people and their ridiculous so called religious laws are restricting and cramping the style of all freedom loving people. Either every muslim should be sent back to their original homeland or SNIP.xxxxxxxx we will all be able to breathe freely without their foul breath polluting the atmosphere. Let us all stand together and remove this filth from the face of the earth and consign them to the compost heap where thay belong.

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