Today's Fartwa: Body Schanners are un-Islamic, But Islamic Iran Will Use Them Anyhow…

Its only wrong when infidels use scanners on Muslims….

Iran equips airports with body scanners

Only infidels are not allowed to scan Muslims, which would prevent them from fulfilling their religious obligation to wage jihad….

In other news:

Ahmadinejad Announces Israel’s “Disappearance” (again)

I’ll bet you thought body scanners were un-Islamic. After all, didn’t the Fiqh Council of North America just say so? And yet here they are being installed in, of all places, the Islamic Republic of Iran — here is the Fars News Agency story (thanks to Block Ness).

Should the Islamic Republic of Iran be renamed the Misunderstanders of Islam Republic of Iran? Or is this a Sunni/Shi’ite thing, with the Sunnis of the Fiqh Council being all uptight while those insoucient, mystically-minded Shia have no problem with appearing buck naked in front of the prying, hungry eyes of kuffar TSA personnel?

Unlikely. More likely is the fact that there is nothing really Islamically objectionable about body scanners, but if the Fiqh Council can intimidate the clueless, hopelessly compromised dhimmis of the TSA to allow an exemption for Muslims, they will have enabled the jihad against the West to advance that much more smoothly and unimpeded.

One thought on “Today's Fartwa: Body Schanners are un-Islamic, But Islamic Iran Will Use Them Anyhow…”

  1. I suppose the recent killing of a Hammas leader in Dubai has put the wind up Iran. They realize that although they are the main sponsors of terrorism, there are always rival groups.
    Can’t these morons just wipe themselves out and can’t the West help them to achieve this end? When this happens, we can all sing ‘Oh happy day.’

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