UK: Bogus Universities, Bogus Colleges, Fake Degrees; But Student Visa Surge is Real

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Illegal immigrants and Dutch customs officials are caught in a game of cat and mouse. The frontline: Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport.
Pic thanks to Infidels Unite

UK takes action after student visa surge

AFP/The Age

Britain has temporarily suspended student visa applications from northern India, Nepal and Bangladesh after a sharp rise in numbers, the UK Border Agency (UKBA) said on Sunday.

The suspension of the applications follows recent media reports that unscrupulous businessmen are helping thousands of migrants from India and Pakistan to obtain a place at bogus colleges in Britain.

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Netherlands: Center of Jihadi counterfeiting

Jihadists in the Netherlands have been key in recent years in counterfeiting passports and other identity documents for attackers all over the world, including suicide bombers.

According to justice department researchers in the report “Jihadist terrorism in the Netherlands”, master counterfeiters in the Netherlands provided counterfeit documents in preparation for the attack on a Western ally in Afghanistan and for Jihadists who prepared a bomb-attack elsewhere in Europe.

Counterfeiters in the Netherlands provided documents for Jihadists who wanted to travel to Afghanistan. Requests for forged passports even came from key figures in the notorious Moroccan terrorist organization Moroccan Islamic Combatant Group. There is also one known case of a counterfeit driver’s license provided to a Spanish terror suspect.  From Islam in Europe

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UK: Media and politicians ‘fuel rise in hate crimes against Muslims’ from the Guardian (of Muslims)  of course, cooked to order from a bunch of corrupt Turkeys with their heads up their asses.

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  1. Why bother counterfeiting passports in the Netherlands when the ball bomber boarded without one.

  2. The student story was sent anonymously to the BNP with secret filming by a guy who worked at border control.

    The BNP are being handed the UK vote on a plate. Worth mentioning perhaps is how litle (none) applause our Marxist/Labour party get on a key UK weekly talk show called Question Time.

  3. One Love,
    Just wait ’till the election draws closer. Every “news”paper in the land will be running anti BNP stories on a daily basis. They will be herding the protest vote to the imploding disfunctional troughing false flag party ,UKIP.

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