US Prison Jihad

$ 75.000.00 a year to preach jihad behind bars?

Nice work for criminal headbangers who can get it. “Radicalization is totally un-Islamic” of course, according to one lying imam, who also tells us that its all hype and  “a myth”. He tells us Islam is all “spiritual”, knowing full well that  few non muslims are aware that there is no spirituality in Islam. So where is this going?

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4 thoughts on “US Prison Jihad”

  1. Muslims will recruit from any source to add to the ranks of the brainwashed! The “Nation of Islam” of Farrakhan fame, is prestently the popular form of Islam practiced in U.S. prisons, although muslims don’t even consider N.O.I. followers to be “real” muslims…once the Shahada is recited the “lying imam” can now work his lies into the common prisoners belief system which leads to the radicalization of the prisoner. When these prisoners are finally released into the community, they are ready to participate in JIHAD!

  2. What is wrong with the American government, have they gone mad? These people are not soldiers of a warring nation, they are terrorists and should be shot as mad dogs. Why is good money being spent on their upkeep and on court cases? This is what is know as madness.

  3. Yeah, well, you got all these do-gooders saying these pricks need a fair go in a court setting, even though they (the islamic pricks) hate all western-style democracy.

    Actually, the do-gooders are just as bad, meaning I reckon they hate western-style democracy as well…

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