10 thoughts on “We got mail!”

  1. Yes, the Sheik has nothing better to do than scour the internet / news looking for false, raciest information to deceive the unwary …

    IP Address:
    ISP: Buckeye Cablevision
    Region: Toledo (US)

    What is false is (A) islam, (B) the false prophet Mo, and (C) allah, satan’s sockpuppet, seeking to deceive and destroy and traffic in the souls of men, and doing a pretty good job of it.

    Flee from islam and its false prophet. Run for your life!

  2. It was the sincerity in his voice,writhing that shocked me at First Mullah ! You know he was so sincere and honest….,and all the documentation he gave to us demonstrating its thought I fell off my chair…I had a doubt for one Billionième of a Second but I quickly recovered my head don’t worry Mullah 10 time faster than the light of speed. (lol)

  3. Maybe it’s The speed of light….i always make errors of writting,i’m a Pork after all you must be tolerant. (lol)

  4. Light of speed sounds good, Porky. Just for you, nothing to do with the topic, but a muslim-free, pork friendly zone – Hogster!

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