Who makes Afghans believe that we owe them a living?

From Kabul to an M1 service station via a dinghy: the Afghans dying to get into Britain

Samos: boatloads of mainly Afghans slash their own craft so watching police are forced to render them from Turkey into the EU. Many of them  -  especially children  -  drown. In a special report covering 4,000 miles from Kabul to a service station on the M1, Livefollows the surge of Afghan immigrants driven by one belief: our Afghan campaign means the UK owes them a living

‘Everyone wants to get to Britain. It’s the best place… All Afghans have heard the stories of people getting support from your government. I know the tricks now’

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JALREZ, Afghanistan — A group of about two dozen Afghan national police officers  have defected to the Taliban. “They left with all their weapons, two trucks and machine guns and heavy weapons,” said Maj. Abdul Khalil, the police chief… NYT

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