Yusuf Griefs Over Assassinated Hamas Thug….

…. and blames Andrew Bolt for “prejudices”

Planet Irf  Watch:

Three Australian citizens have had their names appeared on forged passports used by Israeli security agents to carry out an assassination of a HAMAS official in Dubai.

(How do we know that, Yusuf?  Is it true because you read it in THE AGE?)

Who knows how many Australians could be implicated in assassinations and other forms of terrorism?

Allah knows, Yusuf. Wanna bet?

But Andrew Bolt simply cannot see beyond his own prejudices. And he refuses to say even one nasty thing about Israel, a country he visits so often on all-expenses-paid trips. For Andrew, it is always the dreaded Mozzlems who are the worry.

Why do you want him to say “one nasty thing about Israel”, Yusuf?  We have no beef with Israel. Are you envious when someone gets an all-expenses-paid trip?

The dreaded Mozzlems are indeed a worry. Why are they here Yusuf?

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  1. The bastard that was killed, was a serial killer, so who gives a fk. Every country has to say its terrible, because we all want oil off the paedophile followers!!!

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