Zakaria Botrous asks some simple questions about Islam…

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Father Zakaria Botrous, a well-known Christian expert on Islam and the Arabic Quran, explains to Muslims why he respectfully discusses the teachings of the Quran that he disagrees with in a 60 minute TV program called Daring Questions, Episode 1, that can be seen at Brother Rachid is the host of this live, weekly Arabic TV program seen on four continents each week by millions of Muslims and Christians who speak Arabic. Many sincere Muslims discover things about Islam through these programs that they have never known before! These truths about Islam are taken only from authoritative Islamic sources. May God guide all viewers to find the truth about Islam, the Quran, Jesus and the Bible. You will be surprised at what you learn in these episodes! More information in English about these programs and other similar ministries is now available at Clip 1 0f 12

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  1. God is working wonders in the lives of many through this man. My point exactly. Jesus Christ is the only answer.

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