A call for a hanging

Welsh BNP official’s ugly threats to Labour peeress Harry’s Place

There’s a difference between saying and doing.

In this case, the one who will hang is the guy from the BNP, because he is a real threat to “community cohesion” and the Islamo-Socialist swamp-rats who have such a good time feasting on the cadaver of this once great nation.

Now, the deserving party on the other hand, who just escaped conviction for fraud and embezzlement and who has done a lot to further Islamic causes, is not in any danger to be hanged anytime soon.

Surely “Justice” will prevail.

Question is: will he be tried under sharia?

7 thoughts on “A call for a hanging”

  1. However screaming threats of 9/11 is on the way for Britain is acceptable free speech. Or death threats, real death threats that led to the gruesome murder of van Gogh, are acceptable.

  2. perhaps he should be a bit more measured in his comments,especially if he is an “official”. However,there are many that would agree with him. The BNP have got to stop scoring own goals if they are going to get anywhere.

  3. I would say he just hanged himself, politically.
    That is no way to conduct yourself when running for office.
    How stupid is that?
    It puts him in the same frame as an Islamist and gives the other side lots of ammunition in the form of Nazi rhetoric.
    I am astounded that he could make a remark like that.

  4. The Zanu-Labour marxists and socialists must be incredibly proud of the culture of self-loathing they’ve stealthily instilled in their unsuspecting public:


    A company boss has compared British soldiers to paedophiles and drug dealers after refusing a request by a recruitment service to provide jobs for former troops.

    Karl Winn, 60, said he would rather ‘recruit ex-drug dealers, convicts and child molesters’ (he must really love muslims then!) than employ former servicemen or women.
    His comments came after he was contacted by Forces Recruitment Services and asked if he would consider taking on ex-soldiers at his net design company Webeurope.

  5. Only 18 homes in Harper Street, Merrylands where the alleged perp lives & is out on bail.

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