A Noble Animal

Jake the hero/thanks to Davey Crockett

Judge praises ROTTWEILER who stopped Mohammedan infiltraitor from raping woman in park

A judge has praised a hero dog after he chased off a sex attacker who indecently assaulted a woman in a park.

Two-year-old Rottweiler Jake was on his usual evening walk with owner Liz Maxted-Bluck, 49, when he heard screaming from a dense woodland and ran to investigate.

He found Esmahil Adhami, 18, molesting a woman he had dragged into the undergrowth.

The fearless hound lunged at the illegal immigrant and chased him away – and then circled the sobbing victim ‘like a guard dog’ until the police arrived.

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7 thoughts on “A Noble Animal”

  1. The most disturbing part of this was that he was an ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT on bail for attempting to rape a 13 year old girl a few weeks earlier. He should either have been locked up until convicted or on the first aircraft out of the country.

  2. Must have been something wrong with the judge, praising the brave Rottie instead of punishing the owner for allowing the dog to breach a muslim’s “sensibilities” while he was attacking a victim.

  3. Why are camels called “ships of the desert ‘,it’s because they are full of arab semen

  4. hey mullah lodabullah,
    are serious with your comment, you must be illegal to defend that guy or like always you muslims seeing thing backward or because you handle the truth , you still you have to defend the evil act its in your blood and cant chane it.

  5. Sonia, March 18, 2010 at 11:02 am, Mullah has the driest sense of humour ever. He is always writing like that so that readers see the situation in an exagerated light.

  6. “… are serious with your comment …”

    Deadly serious, sonia – in dying Britain, the police sniffer dogs wear booties when searching muslim homes to avoid upsetting muslim “sensibilities”.

    You cannot make this stuff up, even on a satirical site like WoJ:


    Police sniffer dogs will have to wear bootees when searching the homes of Muslims so as not to cause offence.
    Where Muslims object, officers will be obliged to use sniffer dogs only in exceptional cases. Where dogs are used, they will have to wear bootees with rubber soles.

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