"Agent of the PLO"

Weasel Zippers:

Israelis Blanketing Country With Posters Denouncing Obama as an “Agent of the PLO”…

Ain’t that the truth…..

(Haaretz)A group of far-right activists* on Tuesday announced their plan to hang hundreds of posters across the country depicting U.S. President Barack Obama under the headline “agent of the PLO.” The banner is already on display in the office of National Union MK Michael Ben Ari.  Continued below the fold>>

*Note the slant from the  Jewicidal  far left loons from Haaretz: those who oppose the destruction of Israel are “far right activists…”

Obama Administration in wonderland: Hamas calls for new intifada, Clinton says Israel must prove its commitment to peace Jihad Watch

Hamas calls for a new intifada and the Obama team continues to act as if Israel were the obstacle to peace.

What planet are these people on?     (Planet jihad, apparently.)

“Clinton: Israel must prove commitment to peace,” by Matthew Lee for Associated Press

“The poster is within the limits of the country’s freedom of speech act,” said Ben Ari’s aide, Itamar Ben Gvir.

“I pity those who clapped during [U.S. Vice President] Joe Biden’s speech,”said Ben Gvir, referring to Biden’s address to the Israeli people at Tel Aviv University last week.

“By the end of Ben Arie’s term we will teach those Leftists what democracy is,” he added. “Obama is anti-Semitic, pro-Arab, an agent of the PLO and we stand behind what the poster says.”