Al AGE provides a soapbox for AMIN SAIKAL


Not content with angering allies such as Japan, India, Indonesia and Singapore, the Rudd Government now slaps Israel, too, in perhaps the most dangerousy foolish of all its snubs:

If Rudd attacked China the way he attacks our friends…

Daniel Flitton, diplomatic editor of The Age:

This vote is clearly an act of retaliation by Australia – and by Britain, France and Germany. Israel has lost friends thanks to the sordid affair in Dubai concerning fake passports and murder, and the stink will hang in the air a good while yet.

Charming. Throw Israel to the wolves for (allegedly) asssassinating a terrorist leader buying weapons to use against Israeli citizens. And the difference between this and killing Islamists (and bystanders) in Pakistan by drones?

Another shiller for an Arab killer cries his heart out:

“Stop interfering in the affairs of the Muslim world. Stop maintaining you’re dominance in the Middle East. Stop protecting Israel against quote, unquote, innocent Palestinians. And so on. And I think this is precisely the message that I think they want to really send the Americans.” More?

“It is time for Israel’s friends to condemn its acts of terrorism”


The Dubai police have claimed with almost undisputed evidence that the Israeli intelligence agency, Mossad, was behind the killing. Israel has, as usual, maintained a policy of ambiguity by neither confirming nor denying Mossad’s actions, although some of its political leaders, specifically the Opposition Leader, Tzipi Livni, have applauded the killing on the grounds that Mabhouh was a terrorist and deserved to be eliminated.

If it is proved beyond doubt that Mossad agents, using forged passports in the names of British, French, Irish, German and Australian citizens, perpetrated the act, the killing clearly underlines a  disturbing aspect of Israeli behaviour. Read it if you can bear it.

Amin Saikal is professor of political science and director of the Centre for Arab and Islamic Studies (the Middle East and Central Asia) at the Australian National University where he doesn’t belong. Saikal, like most Arab Muslims, are  enemy agents in the service of Islam and need to be removed from influencing our youth.

Here is a bit of enemy propaganda  from Saikal:

2 thoughts on “Al AGE provides a soapbox for AMIN SAIKAL”

  1. Mossad agents, using forged passports in the names of British, French, Irish, German and Australian citizens,

    This is just more evidence that multiculturalism does not work. If this op was the work of Mossad, then have been heavily corrupted by the pernicious effects of multiculturalism.

    In future they stick to one false flag.

  2. Why would Israel take a chance and send 26 agents to kill one piece of Hammas shit. Three of the suspects took a ship to Iran. Now, who do you think is behind this deliberate frame up? We also see Rudd playing into the hands of muslim terrorists by openly blaming Israel. How dumb can a Prime Minister and a political party be. This bastard is constantly putting his foot in his mouth by making wrong decisions and now he makes false accusations. What a dumb jerk Mr Krudd is. Thanks to all you dumb labour voters we are saddled with an incompetent pack of white trash.

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