Ann Coulter: 'Go and take a camel…'

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That’s after she was warned “to  weigh your words with respect and civility in mind”….

Note the desperation by the moonbats from the PC infected A-News: anything to smear Coulter,  that a few, (no more than 4 or 5) walked out had to be reported, (hundreds were waiting outside and couldn’t get in, which wasn’t mentioned)  the little Hijabee claims victim status “she stabbed me in the heart”…..

Mark Steyn:


here’s the links for Ann Coulter on the Michael Coren Show

Go, Ann, go.

Ann Coulter will file grievance with rights panel

9 thoughts on “Ann Coulter: 'Go and take a camel…'”

  1. If Canada is so worried about putting the clincher on free speech if it advances the idea of hating others, then how come they are not bothered by the koran, and sharia laws? It seems that they need to go and take their own advice and get educated.

  2. A neo-conservative gathering. By definition they are dumb, ignorant idiots hence your post that “only 4-5 left” as you are too stupid to connect dots as to who is in the audience.

    Having said that, she can ride my camel anyday :D.

    1. Looks like we hit a nerve, ‘Alex’, haven’t we?

      Indeed, only 4 or 5 left, but that was something the moonbat media pounced on. As for ‘neo-conservative audience’ I doubt very much that there is such a thing in Canuckistan. The level of PC-MC indoctrination there is probably higher than in the US….

  3. “It seems that they need to go and take their own advice and get educated.”

    Please do not hold all Canadians in the same light by stereotyping.
    I am Canadian. I have studied the Qur’an and I am dead against Islam.
    This speech by Anne Coulter was held at UWO, an obviously Saudi sponsored university. Most universities in Canada and the US are being sponsored by the Saudi Prince.
    Coulter would have received the same response from Princeton, Yale, Harvard, or UCLA, I am certain. Look at the row over the Danish Mo cartoons?
    So don’t go preaching to me about all Canadians being uneducated in Islamic doctrine or not valuing our freedom of speech.
    It is true that our freedom of speech has been chalenged by Muslims and Islam-lovers but the challenge to free speech is being carried out every day in every country in the western hemisphere.
    We are at war with Islam and the United Na-toons

  4. What that girl is saying is , “Camel ? I’m not primitive ”
    But she believes in islam and she has a covering on her head

  5. persikas, the arselifting bint also believes in flying carpets. She’s whining that she doesn’t have one.

  6. It’s so bloody sad, this whole thing. When the western world has finally lifted itself out of the restraints of stupid religious dogma and the slavery of “sin” this and “shame” that, along come these throwbacks from pre-medieval times holding court in every formerly free-thinking country.

    When muslims were thin on the ground in free countries, they seemed happy enough to “assimilate” in dress and behaviour, but as soon as they get up to any considerable number, it seems like a “small village” mentality overtakes them, and they start wearing clothes previously not seen outside Arabia and engage in ridiculous behaviour.

    It’s by having large numbers of other muslims around them that they feel they must live (and force upon others) the Saudi life. Seeing that one can’t deport them (that would be undemocratic or whatever) , can’t western countries which have immigration or “refugee” policies start doing what countries like Norway did years ago, before the trickle of “refugees” turned into a flood and then an avalanche, settle them in small numbers in out of the way places?

    I’m thinking fifty here, seventy there, surrounded by a large majority of indigenous people. If they were never allowed to become any kind of force by numbers, they would probably feel quite relieved that they weren’t surrounded by half the population of the middle east, forced to wear burqas and knuckle down to the inhuman laws of that damned book; but live like normal people with normal jobs, allowed to integrate with locals. It did happen before when their numbers were small, and it can happen again if western countries take “national security” as seriously as they claim.

    As it is, they’re trying to outdo each other in being more devout than thou and to make sure nobody in the village they or at least their parents tried to run away from, can escape from the terrible slavery that is islam.

    Like the Chinese during the cultural revolution, these people are also trying to be more revolutionary than everybody else by following some warped teaching word by word, coming up with worse and worse punishments for imagined transgressions.
    People are sheep. Take away the shepherd and stick them on a remote island, and they’ll chew away peacefully.

  7. You are absolutely right, Cecilie. This primitive culture has no place in the Western hemisphere, so, why not kick these miserable scum bags back to where they belong, back to the Arabian deserts. This pre-historic mind set and form of dressing openly contradicts the Law in Western countries. In the West, women are liberated, but, when we see these buffoons walk around like gliding tents, it is an open confession of a male dominated culture which is alien to the West. These people must be given the option of either assimilating in our society or be returned back to their own primitive countries.

  8. I am presently picketing in Victoria B.C. with signs stating “GOD BLESS ANN COULTER!” and “COMMUNIST U. VIC. DEBASES ACADEMIA: BANS FREE SPEECH”.
    The forceful manipulation of the left with swarmings etc. will only be affected if our government witholds funds from the organizations and even universities , which are instigating mob activity to suppress those who stand for Democracy and Free Speech.

    As Canadians we are on a slippery slope towards total control and dictatorship. Remember that under Trudeau our secret police were directly controled by two individuals, Trudeau and the Min. of Justice for 13 months without an overview committee from parliament, because they lost an election this was rectified. There is still a very strong presence especially in our universities who would support this.

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