Ann Coulter in Calgary

Feedback from the press:


VALERIE FORTNEY from the CALGARY HERALD pretends to be open minded:

Garbage in, garbage out

When you ask Mohammedans to make up your mind for you, you know you’re being done. But Valery Fortney tries anyway:

Fortney: Coulter’s free to speak, Calgary’s free to protest

“Ann Coulter is caustic”

Luckily for the good citizens of Calgary, this real-life exercise went off with only a few glitches Thursday evening, with a handful of protesters banging on windows, and one kicking in a front door. And for that, we have the caustic right-wing American pundit Ann Coulter to thank.

Despots preferred:

Sure, I would have preferred Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Kim Jong-il or another bona fide despot, but Ann Coulter is what we got. Still, it was enough for these democracy-in-action purposes.

Only Mohammedans are human:

“I didn’t want the rest of the country to think Calgary supports this kind of garbage,” said Shauna Jimenz as she held up a sign proclaiming, “You’re a Disgrace 2 The Human Race.”

Mohammedans for “social justice” (sharia)

“I’m for social justice, and she’s just full of moronic talk.”

Kyle Thorpe and his classmates from the University of Calgary came to hear what she had to say, but were pretty sure they wouldn’t like it.

No free speech, only for those we agree with:

“You can’t go around spouting hate,” said Thorpe, a 26-year-old pre-law student, who wrote “Free speech not Free Hate” on his white T-shirt with a black marker. “I’m no fan, but I’m here to hear just what it is she has to say.”

Muhammad Riaz had no designs on shooing away the visitor, either. His shirt bore several Coulter quotes highlighting her sexist, homophobic and anti-Semitic sentiments.

Would kill her if he could, but says the opposite:

“She’s not controversial, she’s just stupid,” he said. “But I don’t want to stop her, I just want to show there are a lot of people who don’t agree with her.”

Ali Jadavji is no fan, either.

“What about my name doesn’t tell you I’m a Muslim?” asked the retired professor with a laugh. “I’m pretty sure I won’t like what she has to say, but I would lay down my life for her right to say it — no matter what comes out of her mouth.”

Who said Mohammedans don’t have a sense of humor?

Mohammed Omar has never protested in his life. But on Thursday afternoon, he sat down and wrote out his own sign: “I Don’t Have a Camel or a Flying Carpet. Can U Lend Me Your Broomstick?”

He came with his mom, Farhat Irfan, since at age eight he’s still a few years from getting his driver’s licence.

Your future Muslim pilot:

“He wants to be a pilot someday, but he’s a Muslim,” said Irfan. “I’d like to know what she would say to my son.”

But shut her up?

“No, I wouldn’t take away her freedom of speech,” she said as her son sidled up beside a group of adult protesters holding up signs such as “Yankee Bigot Go Home,” and chanting “A racist joke is a racist joke!”

Really? Which race is Islam again?

Proving, it’s never too early for an introduction to Political Science 101.