Ann Coulter in Canada: day four

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Sadly and inexplicably, Fox News chose radical lesbian activist Susan G. Cole to represent Canada on one segment on the Coulter-In-Canada controversy. Here’s how Cole (who, as a playwright, has sucked on the taxpayer teat for most of her career) characterized my country:

We don’t have that same political culture here in (Canada). . . . We don’t have a 1st Amendment, we don’t have a religion of free speech. . . . Students sign off on all kinds of agreements as to how they’ll behave on campus, in order to respect diversity, equity, all of the values that Canadians really care about. Those are the things that drive our political culture. Not freedoms, not rugged individualism, not free speech.

It isn’t that Cole’s characterization is inaccurate. It really is word perfect, actually. More>>

Mark Steyn:

I’m with the ‘intolerant’ Quebecers: The niqab deserves no more respect than a Vader mask

I dislike Islamic body bags and regard them as a form of degradation and an act of self-segregation. I say “Islamic,” but in fact as a mandatory expression of piousness they barely date back to the disco era. The niqab should command no more cultural respect than a guy walking into class in Darth Vader’s getup and demanding the women be removed from his line of vision.  McLeans

Bigger venue, more security for Ann Coulter speech in Calgary


Leftist brain farts:

“You’re just giving her a space for saying all this stuff she’s saying that’s inappropriate,” Richardson said. “They’re giving her a space to thrive on her controversy. I don’t know if she deserves that space.”

Other students said it would be inappropriate to kibosh Coulter’s talk.

“Just because people don’t agree with what is said doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be said,” noted computer engineering student Devin Smith, 21. “It encourages debate, which is good.”

Chemical engineering student Isra Hammad, 22, said as a Muslim, she finds Coulter offensive. But that doesn’t mean she should be gagged.”She should be allowed to say what she wants, then people can protest it,” Hammad said.

“If you prevent her from speaking, you only make her the victim.” -Read more: montrealgazette

Dumber than dirt:

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5 thoughts on “Ann Coulter in Canada: day four”

  1. “Not freedoms, not rugged individualism, not free speech”. They will make very good dhimmis.

  2. Saw Coulter’s piece defending herself: good stuff I thought.

    Also the Megyn Kelly interview was weak. Kelly wasn’t well-prepared enough about Canadian laws to take on the moron she was talking to. Didn’t even mention the violent crowd either.

    What amuses me is that had they let Coulter speak they may well have arrested her.
    Seems they missed out on a “big opportunity”,lol! Coulter now gets the publicity – good!

    Oddly enough they only dislike conservative ‘hate speech’ in U of O as they host Israel Apartheid Week regularly, according to Ezra Levant.

  3. Coulter well within her rights and Canada being —–way!
    too anal with its stultifying application of insituted PC moronics.

  4. This mentality at Universities is endemic. I have been personally banned from the University of Victoria B.C., by a Leftist Kangaroo process, for demanding Citizens Referenda on Aboriginal Treaties 10 years ago. Civil Liberties chided the University at that time, but I’m still banned for wanting to use a Democratic process to solve some issues, and I have even been arrested for walking on the grounds.
    Till our government witholds finances from the offending organizations or the Universities,” the Commissars of Canadian Thought Control Rule.”

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