"Asinine Opinion" Remains Unexpressed

A few months ago Daniel Hannan was a flash in the pan when he ripped Gordon Brown a new one:

” The devalued Prime Minister of a devalued Government”

Today he shoots himself in the foot with a childish attack:  “Geert Wilders has some asinine opinions; but being asinine is not a criminal offence“.

The readers and commenters of the Telegraph won’t have any  and tell him to grow  a pair. So do I.

3 thoughts on “"Asinine Opinion" Remains Unexpressed”

  1. Unbelievable as it might seem, the same Daniel Hannan who thinks Geert Wilders is “asinine” was, throughout the U.S. presidential election campaign, a vocal and enthusiastic supporter and admirer of B. Hussein Obama. Given everything that was known about Islamo-Marxist B.H.O. even before he became U.S. President, one has to wonder about Hannan’s ability to judge character. Hannan wrote a number of blog entries praising himself as more thoughtful and perspicacious than his fellow conservatives and their knee-jerk reactionary attitudes to Obama. Now, it seems, “conservative” Hannan yet again takes the bien-pensant progressive line when it comes to Geert Wilders, who, after all, only wishes to “conserve” European civilisation in the most fundamental sense.

  2. You have to wonder. His recent blog posts include a eulogy of Soviet-era useful idiot Michael Foot, whom he bizarrely calls “God’s Englishman”:


    And the only thing that seems to have given him any misgivings whatsoever about B. Hussein Obama (“Mr President, I was one of the few conservatives who truly wanted you to succeed…”) is the fact that the Chavez/Ahmedinedjad wannabe in the White House doesn’t want to take Britain’s side over the Falklands:


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