Attorneys for Muzzammil "Mo" Hassan said he isn't even a practicing Muslim…


New York: Lawyers for Muslim woman beheaded by her husband sue county for failing to protect her

Headchopper News:

“Religion not factor in decapitation”

Oh the irony!  Muzzamil came to the US to spread Islam, to do da’awa (proselytizing)  and to “dispel stereotypes about Islam” and now a dhimmi judge is too  embarrassed to call it what it is: an Islamically motivated honor-killing…. anyway: the wife was a real b*tch and deserved it, and good old Muzz is a swell guy who deserves our sympathy, right?

BUFFALO — Lawyers for the founder of an Islam-oriented television station who is accused of beheading his wife said Friday that the case has nothing to do with race or religion, despite public perception.

Speaking after a hearing in Erie County Court where they are pursuing a psychiatric defense, attorneys for Muzzammil “Mo” Hassan said he isn’t even a practicing Muslim and that public speculation has been unfair.

The Pakistan-born Hassan, 45, is charged with second-degree murder in the February 2009 death of Aasiya Hassan, 37, in the Orchard Park studio of Bridges TV, founded by the couple to improve the image of Muslims in a post-9/11 world.

Hassan had been served with divorce papers a week earlier.

— Associated Press

Glenn Beck doesn’t buy any: here he interviews Zuhdi Yasser, (who is also not completely honest, but ……)

thanks for the vid to Barenakedislam!

In other news:

Sorry Ass Muzz:

Are you feeling sorry for him already?


Tim Blair

A trial date draws closer for accused wife-chopper Muzzammil Hassan:

Lawyers for the founder of an Islam-oriented television station who is accused of beheading his wife say it’s ridiculous to think religion has anything to do with the case …

But it obviously has something to do with his defence:

Hassan’s attorney Julie Atti Rogers said, “The reality is that based on his name, based on the color of his skin, and based on the fear and the panic of all Americans of terrorists and Muslims, this man’s got a difficult time as it is.”

Hey, at least he’s still got his head. Hassan is evidently aiming for a total victimhood strategy:

Founder of a Muslim television station, Muzzammil Hassan is claiming he was a victim of years of abuse, by his wife Aasiya Hassan …

So he should have been happy when she filed for divorce. Instead, he cut her head off. Hassan’s trial is expected to begin in September.

Jihad Watch has the story also:

Judge rules that Islam not a factor in Buffalo wife beheading case

Of course not. What are you, some kind of Islamophobe? Why, Christians behead their wives by the dozen every year! Why would the fact that the book Muzzammil Hassan regards as sacred mentions beheading twice (Qur’an 8:12; 47:4) have to do with this? Everybody knows that Islam is a Religion of Peaceâ„¢!

“Religion not a factor in wife beheading, judge rules,” from Associated Press, March 5:

[…] Muzzammil “Mo” Hassan is tentatively scheduled to stand trial later this month for the death of his wife, Aasiyah Hassan, last year….Hassan’s attorney plans a defense that includes claims that Hassan was abused by his wife and emotionally out of control. But prosecutors are fighting the use of a psychiatric defense.

The Pakistan-born Hassans started Bridges TV in 2004, in part to dispel negative Muslim stereotypes….


5 thoughts on “Attorneys for Muzzammil "Mo" Hassan said he isn't even a practicing Muslim…”

  1. If we didn’t have Muslims in the West, then we wouldn’t have beheadings, FGMs, and all the rest of ‘cultural diversity’.

    Its also very likely that these Muslim women, back in their own cultural environment, would even dream of behaving like Western women, and thus be alive today.

    Multiculturalism is a really bad idea, no matter how one looks at it. Each culture functions best in its own environment where it belongs

  2. I have never met a Muslim woman who has not sported a black eye. That man is the biggest liar on the planet. He abused her and I know it. The judge is an assclown, and I hope the guy fries in hell.

  3. Oh, and Yazeed Essa was found guilty in OH of feeding his wife cyanide caps. He told her they were calcium. I hope he gets the death penalty too.

  4. I am not a racist or a liberal and I am not religious, however, I want to go on the record as saying this is a war for your ability to choose a religion if you like or choose not to be religious, but more importantly, it is a war for the survival of anyone that is not a Muslim!!

    I also agree with Abraham Lincoln’s assertion that “All men are created equal” and have spent most of my live defending our freedoms, including “Freedom of Religion” and all of the other basic human rights.

    At the same time, as someone who has spent most of his live defending these freedoms against all enemies, foreign and domestic, I have a fundamental belief that as a American Warrior, Freedom Fighter and Marine, I have a fiduciary responsibility to each and every legal resident of the United States, to carefully identify the enemies of Our Great Nation, meticulously study and analyze them, covertly track and close with them , and methodically execute a strategic plan with contingencies to defeat and destroy them.

    With that said, I went about doing exactly that and so I read and studied everything I could get my hands on about Muslims and Islam.

    I read the Quran, the Sunna (the examples) as recorded in the Hadith, the Umma and the Ulema (consensus of Muslims and their religious intellectuals). These make up the roots of the “Sharia” or Islamic Law. I also read many other books but the one that spells out the way our enemies’ perceive us, but the best one is a book called “The Al Qaeda Reader”, by Raymond Ibrahim. It explains many of the items in the Quran, The Sunna, the Hadith and how they are interpreted and understood by the Umma and Ulema. Just in case you do not have time to read all of this, here are the condensed basics.

    The truth about Islam and Muslims:

    1. Islamic people believe Sharia Law and that it determines “Right and Wrong” in Islam. Every law, practice, or ideology must be traced back to “usul al-fiqh” or the roots of jurisprudence. Sharia Law covers everything in Muslim Society including, but not limited to, politics, economics, contract law, business law, finance law, diet laws, family law, sexual laws, dress codes, criminal law, civil law and. Sharia Law is traced (in order of authority) to:
    A. The Quran
    B. The Sunna (example) (the words, practices and habits of Muhammad, the Profit, as recorded in the “hadith”)
    C. Consensus of the “umma”, more specifically, the “ulema”. The umma being the international Muslim community as a whole and the ulema being the religious intellectuals or leaders that are most respected throughout Islamic history.

    2. According to the Koran, all people except those of Islamic faith are classified as Infidels (All non-Muslims):
    A. People of the Book (Christians and Jews)
    B. People of the Scriptures (Christians and Jews)
    C. Crusaders (Westerners, now including all NATO countries)
    D. Pagans (One who has little or no religion)
    E. Idolaters (One who worships an Idol or Idols)
    F. Secular (Not religious or not belonging to a religious order)

    3. All people in #2. A-F above, are considered Infidels, and, are to be treated in one of the following manners by Muslims:
    A. If they convert to Islamic faith, they are to be treated as other Muslims. Quran 9:6
    B. If they are People of the Book or People of the Scriptures (Christians and Jews), who have not fought against Muslims, they are allowed to exist as a Dhimmi (second class citizen) that is FORCED to obey social restrictions and FORCED to pay the overlord a “JIZYA” or SPECIAL TAX. Quran 9:29
    C. If the Infidels do not fall into A or B above, they are to be killed. Quran 9:5, 9:6, 9:33.

    4. With the above information, and the history of Islam and Muslims, you will better understand that the Muslims that are not involved in Terrorist or Extremist Actions, are still supportive of these people with any actions they can take towards an end result of all of the non-Muslims either being converted, controlled or killed. There support may assist this goal in many different forms as follows:
    A. A Muslim College or University Professor supports the end goal by teaching Middle Eastern Studies in a diluted form and explains how Islam is a religion of peace (a falsehood).
    B. A Muslim Politician supports the end goal by working towards legislation that is beneficial to the Muslim population while at the same time stating it is in the name of religious freedom or against racism and religious persecution (a falsehood).
    C. A Muslim that owns a radio or TV station or magazine (media outlets), supports the end goal by telling the American how peaceful Muslims are and how things like “Honor Killings” are only happening in under-developed Muslim Countries, but not in educated Muslim populations like in the United States. (a falsehood – “Muslim TV mogul Muzzammil Hassan’s alleged beheading of wife, Aasiya Hassan, (may be ‘honor killing’)” in February 2009, or “Muslim Father Kills Two Daughters in the USA ( TEXAS ) !” in January 2008,

    Now, with a basic understanding, you should be able to comprehend why the mosque located at or near ground zero, is nothing more than a slap in the face of everyone in the United States except a Muslim and for them it is a step towards victory.

    I sure hope you have learned enough here to entice you to read and learn more about our enemy, for this is not a war of religious persecution; it is a war about a religion that promotes religious discrimination towards anyone that is not Muslim, including people that are not religious (atheist or agnostic) at all. Islam teaches “zero tolerance” for any religion except Islam and has proven this continuously since it was established.

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