President Sarkozy promises to ban the veil in France

Sarkozy promised a lot and achieved  little.

Mr Sarkozy has said that the veil “has no place in France”

France is to ban the full Muslim veil to protect the dignity of women, President Sarkozy announced yesterday.  His decision followed months of wavering by politicians of Left and Right and ended a long silence by Mr Sarkozy on what do do about the niqab, burqa and other full face-covering garments.

“The full veil is contrary to the dignity of women,” the President said. “The response is to ban it. The Government will table a draft law prohibiting it.” Times Online

“Tiny Minority of Extremists”, But Quebec Passes Law Against Freedom Sack Anyway

The Muslim Council of Montreal said there may be only around 25 Muslims in Quebec who actually wear face-coverings.

Salam Elmenyawi of the Muslim Council of Montreal questioned the need to legislate against such a small minority of the population. “It is a knee-jerk reaction to the opposition and vote-grabbing more than anything else,” he said, adding the law was unlikely to encourage integration of Muslim immigrants.  Bunglawussi Watch

Mohammedan Grievance Theater

Muslim students are demanding their embassies lobby City University to overturn a ban on them using their prayer room./Islington Now

A Tory MPhas been investigated by police for alleged racial hatred after criticising the burka during a Commons debate.

Conflating a totalitarian ideology with race is idiotic. Islam is not a race. Read more: dailymail

The unhinged Islamo-Commie Convergence  presents:

“Islamophobia is a threat to democracy”

All the usual suspects signed up. All of them totalitarian fanatics who would do away with democracy in an instant if given a chance. Take a look; from the Guardian, of course

One thought on “"Backlash"”

  1. I have the perfect solution for the Islamophobia problem.

    Get rid of Islam and you get rid of Islamophobia. Simple, isn’t it?
    Ban the Koran. Ban the wearing of the oppressive burka and niqab.
    Jail sexual predators for life.
    Get rid of sharia courts.
    Ban mosques. Tear down those minuets.
    Rid the country of any trace of the ideology and you are a happy nation once again.

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