Bankrupt Dubai claims Islam can fix global financial woes

An update from this: Dubai World to Offer Banks Seven-Year Repayment – Wall Street Journal / may offer creditors 60 cents on the US dollar guaranteed by the sheikdom’s government….

WTF would you go to Dubai if you don’t have to?

Arab megalomania, reinforced by a da’awa doctor from India: we know Islam is a complete disaster, but we want more of it:

Mohammed Akbar, a Dawa scholar from India, suggested that the current woes were a symptom of a deeper problem with the capitalist system.

“The bankers’ panic of 1907, the 1929 Great Depression, the Black Swan event of 1987 as well as the dotcom crisis in 2000” all hurt the global economy and were all caused by capitalism, he said.

According to speakers at the event, the problems can be solved using two major principles of Islam – the Quran and the Sunnah.

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2 thoughts on “Bankrupt Dubai claims Islam can fix global financial woes”

  1. I would certainly propose the use of sharia to settle the Dubai debt dispute. Dubai, the country where delinquent debtors are sent to jail. They, more than anyone else deserve a taste of their own treatment. If Dubai owed my a penny, I would go to court in any one of a dozen Western countries and attach their assets. I have always wanted to own a port.

  2. Good joke ciccio. Good point!
    They want us to live by their rules, BUT they want to live by ours.

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