Beck Derailment Watch

Last year:

Glenn Beck interviews Geert Wilders on Islam and the Koran

But who pulls the strings at Fox?

This year:

Glenn Beck calls Geert Wilders a fascist

Very disturbing.  Who calls the shots at Fox?  Does Glenn Beck understand anything about Europe? Should he not stick with US politics, something he knows? To call Sarkozy and Villepin “right wing” is about as crazy as calling the Iranian mullah’s  ‘conservative’.  Sarko & Ville are no different from all the other mediocre apparatchiks, Socialists, who lead Europe ever deeper into an inescapable morass.

From a poster on Atlas Shrugs:

He is paid by a muslim so he must make his masters happy. He also now believes in global warming. So defending islam is not even a stretch for him.

In an article entitled Don’t judge Beck by his cover, Beck tells interviewer Dennis McCafferty, “You’d be an idiot not to notice the temperature change.”

“He also says there’s a legit case that global warming has, at least in part, been caused by mankind,” writes McCafferty, under the subheadline, “He believes in global warming.”

Beck’s sudden conversion to the increasingly debunked man-made global warming belief system is a shocking stab in the back of conservatives who consider Beck to be their anointed leader.

Once again, Beck has exposed himself as a chameleon who changes his political viewpoints on a whim depending on whose company he keeps. Beck is nothing more than an actor, fake crying on demand like a circus clown, posturing as some kind of grass roots conservative leader when he has abandoned every true conservative principle.

6 thoughts on “Beck Derailment Watch”

  1. It just goes to show that one should never believe anything one sees on television. Television is by its very nature a conduit for lies, which acts by paralysing the will and critical faculties of viewers, leaving them in thrall to flickering phantasms and simulacra. Karadzic said in his trial recently that television did such a good job of distorting reality that even he could almost have believed that Serbia was a genocidal nation of evil, rather than a nation fighting for survival against the Arabian-funded forces of Mohammedan conquest and expansion.

    Thus, it comes as absolutely no surprise that Beck the supposed voice of conservative dissent was nothing but an illusion. He is nothing but another showman, an act, a prestidigitator, a spiritual onanist drugged by the mesmeric power his image on the flickering screen exerts over millions, a vampire preying for his own aggrandisement on people’s legitimate fears, a creature prostituted to Arabian naphtha. Anyone who was not essentially corrupt and hollow would not appear on television.

  2. Back last year sometime Bill O’Reilly had Brigitte Gabriel on as a guest. During his introduction he called her a “radical.”

  3. It appears that Beck is a Mormon. In other words, just like his ultimate paymasters, he is a follower of a false prophet, a false scripture and a false religion.

  4. Wowww,a Mormon that’s a funny religion it’s like Rael or islam weird Ideology.If Beck is a Mormon he must shut up his big mouth because Mormon that’s not serious at all and that’s make him totally irrelevant.

  5. True, just because Wilders is at bat against the threat of Islamization, it doesn’t make him George Washington, and he would be considered far left of JFK here, but he’s still a hero for what he’s doing, and Beck is all wet. He needs to take time to study Islam’s history as presented free by the Historyscoper and get a clue at

  6. There’s a tough road ahead for Mr. Wilders which will be marred by relentless character assasination, name calling and false accusations. What will matter in the end is the spirit of the European populace. Will they embrace him – or denounce as a heretic?

    For a second there, I thought myself referring to Martin Luther and the ordeal he went through in the 1500s.

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