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Glenn Beck Really Doesn’t Get Europe



Just curious: who shut up Michael Savage? The Salvation army? That’s  what he used to say, here. What have you heard from him lately?

The folks from Frontpage must be reading Winds of Jihad:

Beck knows America. He understands our great nation better than most, but he does not know very much about Europe. This occurred to me today when he called Geert Wilders a fascist, which, he explained, was the same as “far right” in the European context. What Glenn Beck fails to understand is that Geert Wilders defies categorization by European standards, which are so far to the left that they would require a dictatorship to enforce if Europeans weren’t complacent to the point of utter submission.

That’s exactly what I said here: Beck Derailment Watch

Here’s Breitbart with GOP Rep Issa. But is Issa a shill for Hamas or not?

Geert Wilders is your typical liberal in the Pat Condell/Ron Radosh sense of the term. He believes in human rights and the rule of law, but like his hero Winston Churchill, he believes in big government, the nanny state, and enormous unsustainable entitlement programs. It would never occur to him legalize firearms or privatize the medical system. He’s more Evan Bayh than Mussolini.

Here’s the key difference between Europe and America: liberty. Europe never had it. They used to enjoy basic human rights such as relative freedom of speech and freedom of religion (which Jews and Christians no longer enjoy, as Beck is aware – watch the second video below), but never the right to bear arms and anything resembling free market capitalism. The last two probably never occurred to Wilders. He’s fighting for basic human rights — against fascism.

Human rights went out the window in Europe when, out of deference to Islamic law, thought crimesbecame federal cases, the EU legalized pedophilia, the UK decided to enforce the sale of teenagers into incestuous sex slavery under threat of death through the court system. Wilders is fighting to bring human decency back to Europe, not fascism.

Leaders like Geert Wilders (and Sarkozy and Berlusconi) are neither European far right (fascist) nor European far left (communist). They believe in basic human rights, protecting and defending their respective countries (which is their job), and the preservation of Western civilization, but they’re way to the left of JFK. If they must be haphazardly lumped in with other European leaders please throw them in the really tiny, dusty pile with Margaret Thatcher.

Just as Glenn Beck doesn’t get Europe, so I don’t get Glenn Beck sometimes. Just a few months ago he was concerned with the plight of Europe’s Jews, who are once again in Exodus because of Muslim immigration. He seemed to care that nihilists whose god is really the almighty State (as is the case with all leftists, be they of the Mohammedan or the Marxist persuasion) wanted to destroy everything that was good about Europe. Now considering little girls, Jews, Christians, and gays to be human beings rather than jihad fuel is “fascist.”

Next time Beck decides to talk about Europe he should bring back Stuart Varney for a little perspective. Varney gets Europe.

More from Frontpagemag.

No more fairness, no more balance. Only Islam!

On Fox News last night as Glenn Beck, Charles Krauthammer, A.B. Stoddard, and Bill Kristol condemned Dutch activist Geert Wilders as a “demagogue” and a “fascist.”

Mr. Wilders, the leader of the Party for Freedom in The Netherlands, produced a controversial documentary on Islam in Holland called “Fitna.” In the short film, Mr. Wilders argued that “there is no such thing as ‘moderate Islam’” and that the Prophet Muhammad would “. . .in these days be hunted down as a terrorist.”

In the past, the former member of the Dutch National Parliament was a frequent guest on Fox News. Last February, Bill O’Reilly welcomed Mr. Wilders to America, while condemning a scared Britain for banning him entrance to the country.

While Mr. Beck labeled Mr. Wilders as a “fascist,” Mr. Krauthammer said that the popular Dutch politician, who is a leading candidate for Prime Minister, doesn’t know the difference between Islam and Islamism.

Ms. Stoddard expressed her agreement with Krauthammer and added that “if people like this (Mr. Wilders)) are elected to lead Holland it will suffer the consequences.

The well-orchestrated attacks on Mr. Wilders came in the wake of news that Rupert Murdoch, the CEO and principal stockholder of News Corps, the parent company of Fox News, will make Abu Dhabi, the headquarters of his global media operations in the Middle East.

Mr. Murdock has established strong links with the Arab Muslims, last month agreeing to invest 70 million dollars in the Rotana Group, an enterprise is controlled by Saudi tycoon Prince Alwaleed bin Talal.

Prince Talal, in turn, now owns 7% of News Corps. He is #22 on the Forbes list of the world’s wealthiest people.

The change in Fox News and its stance on Islam has been noted by Walid Shoebat, a former member of the Palestine Liberation Organization, who converted to Christianity.

Mr. Shoebat says that Fox New now prohibits critics of Islam and Islamic terror from appearing on its broadcasts.

He contends that the prohibition stems from the fact that Prince Talal is now the second-largest shareholder in News Corporation, the parent company of the Fox News Channel.

“He himself (Prince bin Talal) said, ‘I just had to make a phone call to [tell them to] stop using the word Muslim’ regarding the rioting in France,” Mr. Shoebad notes. “Bill O’Reilly says to Ibrahim Hooper, the head of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), that he is an upstanding citizen. Since when was the head of CAIR an upstanding citizen?”

Mr. Shoebat adds that viewers will no longer be seeing any so-called “Islamophobes” on Fox.

“Today, I’m not invited at Fox News. Neither is Robert Spencer or Brigitte Gabriel,” he laments. “But Ibrahim Hooper is invited to speak at Fox News. It used to be that experts on terrorism who are critical of the Islamic views [were] able to get a voice on Fox News. Those days are gone.”

Paul L. Williams, Ph.D., author of such best-selling works as Osama’s Revenge: The Next 9/11 and The Day of Islam, has also been missing from Fox News in recent years, after making scores of appearances on top-rated Fox broadcasts over the past five years.

Mr. Shoebat says that instead of airing those critical views of Islam, Fox News now legitimizes Hooper, the spokesman for CAIR, a group which he maintains is a front for the terrorist group Hamas.

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  1. Last night on Atlanta radio Dr. Savage’s new name for Beck is Glenn Erect. And other names only he could come up with. He was all over this news of a conservative gone bad PDQ. Beck works for the Fox News CEO who just ducked into his huge tent sitting behind his mansion. CNN is doing it better the last several weeks that I have tuned Fox out.

    Gert Wilder’s will be the next Prime Minister of Holland. Go Gert!

    Cody in Indiana & a former contributor to Jihad Watch.

  2. Folks so interested now in Foxe’s unfairness to all concerned about our well being as infidels to the “government of islam” as that is Wallid Shoebat’s quote on The Savage Nation four years ago. I never capitalized that five letter word at Jihad Watch either.

    Again listening to Atlanta’s WSB 750 AM last shift. Dr. Savage called Glenn Beck “Glenn Wreck”. Listen in tonight for his latest name for the over paid fuzz ball! I hope all of that clears with the leaders here.


  3. no more fox news watching from my side , hey money is the evil of world, and fox you sold your soul to the devil name prince talal of saudi arabia .

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