Big bad Israel fights back


Hamas war against Buddhists?

The agricultural worker murdered by a Palestinian rocket following the international tantrum over Israel’s announcement to construct housing in their own capital.  The pound of flesh in this case was Buddhist. Thanks to the RoP

How dare these evil Jooozz defend themselves against Hamas Terrorists!

Last wee, a Thai worker  in Israel was hit and killed by a rocket from Gaza (PI reported). In the Lame Stream Media, this was nowhere to be seen as a headline, the sympathy for Hamas’ terrorism is too great. Today, however, there this report managed to be among the leading headlines: “Israel Practices Retaliation for Fatal Rocket Attack,” so titled by Stern via PI

From the safety of Damascus:

After IAF strike kills at least 230 in Gaza, Hamas chief vows third Intifada has come

Hamas Political Leader in Damascus Khaled Meshal threatened revenge attacks after a series of Israel Air Force attacks left at least 230 dead and hundreds more wounded in Gaza, saying “the time for the third Intifada has come.”

Meshal issued a call to Palestinians in the West Bank to carry out suicide attacks against Israeli targets and to attack Israel Defense Forces soldiers.

“This Intifada will be peaceful for the Palestinians but lethal for the Zionist enemy,” Meshal said, adding that this ‘new Intifada,’ will “rescue Gaza and protect the West Bank.”

Pali envoy in the UN shrieks: “There is no justification for punishing 1.5 million in the Gaza Strip because of the actions of a few,” yes there is. Hamas vowed to retaliate (CNN)

Look what we are fighting against:

These guys must be Pali Buddhists demonstrating against Zionist terrorism… Reuters Pic’s

Palestinian medical sources said that at least 230 people had been killed in the strikes….Haaretz

From Israellicool we got this:

Despite the fact that Israel targeted Hamas facilities and most of the casualties were Hamas terrorists, world leaders predictably condemned Israel’s actions, with our “friend,” French President Nicolas Sarkozy, calling Israel’s response “disproportionate.” Then again, I guess anything short of waving a white flag is considered disproportionate to a French leader.

Meanwhile, Defense Minister Ehud Barak has indicated that this operation could continue for quite a while.

Hamas for their part say they are not backing down. And to highlight a main difference between them and us, they again targeted civilians, hitting a synagogue on the Jewish Sabbath, as well as an apartment building, killing one man and wounding at least 5 other people.

Meanwhile, Israeli Arabs leaders showed allegiance to their country. Which is apparently not Israel.

Here are lots of updates

Bad, bad Israel, for attempting to protect herself against the attacks of Hamas. The international do-gooders and Palestinian sympathizers have to intervene immediately in order to bring “peace” against Israel.

Weird reporting from AFP:

Can you spot the “Fake-Kassam?”

A Palestinian Hamas militant carrying a fake rocket takes part in a rally in the streets of the Bureij refugee camp in central Gaza Strip, 2009. A foreign worker has been killed after a rocket fired from the Gaza Strip hit a kibbutz in southernIsrael, the Israeli army said. (AFP/File/Mohammed Abed)

Which begs the question: how does the AFP stringer know that this is a fake rocket? After all, the guy carrying it is a real Hamas “militant” (i.e. terrorist). It would be easier for him to carry the real deal, instead of go to the effort of creating a fake one.

Furthermore, it sure looks real to me. More>>

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