Blood for Red Bricks

Labourer beheaded to redden bricks

Sydney Moonbat Herald

A Bangladeshi bricklayer was killed by brick-field workers who burnt his head in a kiln in the belief this would redden their bricks, police said.

(Unfortunately the report doesn’t tell us whether the victim was a  kafir… but I guess in an emergency such as this, a fellow muslim will do…)

Other links from the RoP:

Four suspects were arrested for beheading the 26-year-old labourer in a remote town in northern Bangladesh on the instructions of the brick-field’s owners, local police chief Golam Sarwar Bhuiyan said on Sunday.

“They said the owners were unhappy as the brick-field was not producing reddish bricks despite enough heating. A fortune teller then suggested that the brick-field needed a human sacrifice,” he said.

Police were searching for the owners and the fortune teller, he added.

Red bricks are in huge demand in Bangladesh’s countryside as the colour is seen as proof the bricks have been baked properly.


4 thoughts on “Blood for Red Bricks”

  1. Londonistan to a blood-red brick, that would be why Brick Lane has become Bangla Town. They are attracted to the red bricks.

  2. Well you’re always bemoaning the lack of innovation coming out of the Moslem world Sheik, this is a new technological breakthrough for sure.

  3. I think it is safe to assume that a non-muslim was murdered. Confirmation will be difficult to obtain.

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