Butcher those who think “mockery” is grounds for butchery.

The above header is a slight variation of  “Slay those who insult Islam, Butcher those who mock Islam”- something we been hearing now all too often and far too long. Some of us, in fact an increasing number, is getting  increasingly fed up with Mohammedan attacks on our way of life and liberties, apart from the fact that they  also want to murder us above all if they don’t get their way to make Islam the “dominant religion” in the land.

Mass immigration kills Aussie culture and not only that…..

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Slightly edited from Deadly Cartoon-Like Characters from Alan Howe in the Heraldsun

Alan Howe (very un-PC) demands deportation for the likes of catmeat sheik Hilali and his faithful vassal, the forever “out of context” polygamy promoting Keysar Trad.

“Slay those who insult Islam, Butcher those who mock Islam,”- Mohammedans in Londonistan protest against the  Motoons.

And they mean it.

Some Muslims have been trying to kill Danish artist Kurt Westergaard ever since. Westergaard, who drew the best known of the cartoons, showing Muhammad with a bomb in his turban, has had to build a “panic room” in his house.

He’s had to use it, too. On New Year’s Day a 28-year-old Somalian armed with an axe and a knife broke down his front door, shouting that he wanted to kill the artist, who had been watching television with his five-year-old grandchild.

The BBC reported that the radical Islamic group from which the attacker came consequently referred to him as a “boy” and his intended target as “the devil”, and called upon fellow Muslims to target people like him.

Australians are approaching one of the most sensitive times in relations between Australia’s non-Muslim and Muslim communities.

Australia’s non-Muslim majority – about 98.5 per cent of the population – will largely deal with it responsibly and calmly, as will the judicial system that represents us all.

Sadly, we cannot expect the same from the fringe-dwelling idiots who falsely claim leadership positions among our Muslims.

They can be extreme, hysterical and threatening.

While no community is expected to take responsibility for the actions of everyone in it, those claiming positions of influence over them must.

Five Muslim men go on trial in Melbourne soon charged with plotting a suicide attack on an army base.

They are presumed by all of us to be innocent. They might be found innocent or guilty.

If they are found guilty then they can appeal that finding.

But in that case, long before any appeal is announced, Muslim “leaders” are likely to have already criticised the judge’s decision.

Our most infamous Muslim, Sheik Hilaly, gave us an indication of what we might expect after five men were sentenced in NSW last month at the end of Australia’s longest terrorism trial.

Hilaly said there was the “scent of hysteria” about the case.

He was reported as saying the jailed men “had no connection to acts of terrorism whatsoever”.

Millions of dollars of taxpayers’ money was spent fairly, honestly and transparently testing the evidence against these men, before a jury decided they were guilty. Hilaly, whose knowledge of the law may match his capacity to speak clearly in any known language, dismissed the umpire’s decision in a flash.

They should have brought Hilaly down for the Comedy Festival. He’d be a star. He could perhaps have turned into a rap song the words from an instructional video found in possession of one of those convicted in which a masked man with an Australian accent says “You kill us, so you will be killed; You bomb us so you will be bombed”.

Let’s all get down and do the Hilaly!

The Muslim Friendship Association’s Keysar Trad, a long-time spokesman for Hilaly, was also reported as having denied there was any conspiracy to commit a crime.

Trad has plenty of form, and was given a free character assessment last year by Judge Peter McClellan, who said Trad “incites acts of violence, incites racist attitudes, is dangerous and perhaps most significantly is a disgraceful individual”.

Both Trad and Hilaly would have done their long-suffering community a service by praising the long sentences Justice Anthony Whealy dealt out.

It seems they are incapable of accepting the justice for which so many Australians died last century.

To help guarantee our safety, and the calm involvement of Australia’s Muslims in our admired democracy, both should be deported back to the countries from which they came – Egypt and Lebanon.

There they will be among friends.

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  1. I would like people to put together a petition to have these two scum (Hilalay and Trad) deported from Australia. Please write to K.Rudd and request that these two be deported.

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