Censorship, Racism vs Freedom of Speech

The US-based owner of a satirical Wikipedia-style website may be charged under Australian law over a deliberately offensive article about Aborigines. 9News

Here’s the bone of contention:   Aboriginal

An aboriginal man relaxes with a joint after losing a drunken fight with a screen door.


The Aboriginal people in this country, in general, are treated like royalty. They get more money each year form the government than alot of working people. There are exceptions, though, I’ll admit- there are always exceptions. Let me explain- On Wednesdays, the Aboriginal people come into town from their little communities to collect their child payments. On Thursdays they collect their dole payments. On Fridays they spend every cent on booze. The weekend is filled with violence, rape and utter chaos. There are murders here every month, children are raped repeatedly every week. Women are bashed, people are stabbed, houses are robbed. It’s like a war-zone.

Could it be that there’s a bit of truth in it? Or is it all “our fault” and we rather pay for it instead of taking a closer look?

Take a look at Australia’s upper crust Aborigines, here

Aboriginal artist Danie Mellor (below), winner last year of Australia’s richest art prize for Aborigines:

All right, so his mother Doreen (right) claims to be Aboriginal, too:

Read the whole thing. Global worming, anybody?

Here’s more, you know you always want more:

Abo technological “advancements”

The Australian indigenous people are believed to have populated the country for over 50 thousand years, making them one of the oldest “civilizations” on Earth, pre-dating ancient Greeks, Mayans and Egyptians. So in all this time on Earth before everyone else, you would have expected them to be some kind of super-advanced, super-intelligent race. Below is a complete list of 50,000 years of all Aboriginal accomplishments and contributions More>>

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  1. I don’t blame general aboriginal communities, rather the shysters who are taking the Federal monies and the PC morons who are giving it to them – especially the PC mprons who share a very common link with the mohammedan supporters.

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