Coming to Hollywood: Geert Wilders and the Freedom Defense Initiative!

A message from Robert Spencer:

FDI is co-sponsoring the Los Angeles premiere of the new Geert Wilders documentary,Islam Rising, on May 1.

Best of, Geert Wilders himself will be there with us, along with David Horowitz, Martin Mawyer, Pamela and me. Don’t miss it! Register here.

Join us to support this century’s Winston Churchill!

Pamela has more.

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Wilders Party Meets Dhimmitude & Resistance

A Muslim woman from Almere is suing local Freedom Party leader Raymond de Roon for “discrimination and inciting hatred.”

Retarded Reality: EUrabian reverts find “identity” under shrouds…..

One of the Freedom Party’s stated aims in Almere is a ban on headscarves in the council house and other publicly-funded institutions.

Ayse Bayrak-de Jager said: “I became a Muslim and I chose to wear a headscarf. My headscarf is part of my identity and I’m not taking it off. I only take my clothes off for one man and that’s my husband.”

Even though the Freedom Party is the largest party in Almere, it is by no means certain that the council will introduce a headscarf ban. Mr De Roon abandoned council talks last week when none of the other political parties was prepared to support his party on this issue.

One thought on “Coming to Hollywood: Geert Wilders and the Freedom Defense Initiative!”

  1. Good for you! I hope you enjoy it. Marty Mawyer is really something. Talk about brave…he hired a plane and flew over some of the Jamaat ul Fuqra compounds taking pictures. Turns out that private citizens can do this but the FBI can’t. At least that’s what he was told. Of course it’s all right if he gives them copies of what he managed to get.

    The B met Marty in Red House a few years ago, when there was a demo trying to get the county supervisors to take down the street sign for “Sheikh Jilani Lane”. Considering that the dude is on our terror list and isn’t allowed into the country, that was a reasonable request. But the ex-felons showed up at the county meeting and intimidated the supervisors so they refused to get rid of it.

    The B has talked to lots of people in the town and many of them are afraid of these guys. The girl children in the compound do not go to school, but Social Services isn’t about to go in there to ask why. Women and children there are chattel. The state police were more forthcoming…they do keep an eye on the place.

    Anyway, Marty made that video that the Center for Security Policy hosted. He sure has guts…wears a bullet-proof vest, though.

    Oh, and don’t let the Southern accent country boy fool you: this is one tough dude. He’s in the same class of courageous as Geert Wilders. If you see the video you realize he visited a lot of these places in the East. Was run out of a few of them…I’m glad he made it out okay. Sometimes, while watching the scenes you have to remind yourself he *did* make it out okay.

    BTW, slightly OT. The Dutch cartoonist, Gregory Nekshott, is about to go to trial in the Netherlands for his Muslim cartoons. Like Geert, he will be stuck in an unsecured courtroom but he won’t have the money and publicity behind him that Wilders did. The police have made it plain that if he wants to live he’d better stop his drawings.

    Funny. When some journalist asked Lars Vilks if his Mo-doggies were worth dying for he said, “Yes”. Didn’t go into long explanations, just said yes and let it lie there. The journalist didn’t have the guts to pursue that line of questioning any further.

    I think Nekshott will probably be killed.

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