Dumber than dirt…

A very patient and scholarly Diana West tries to explain to a media pop-tart what Geert Wilders is all about, to no avail.

Very interesting video from the excellent Tundra Tabloids:

(Don’t miss host’s wrap-up equating Islamic imperialism & Western imperialism — the new moral equivalence?)”

The interviewer pretty much symbolizes the gross ignorance of the media in general concerning not only Islam, but of what their own Western culture and values represents. What a pleasure it was to see Diana take this young woman (professional?) by the hand and walk her through the most basic of talking points of why Islam, Islamization and what Europe is facing through mass immigration, is not such a good thing, and that there is no contradiction between believing in free speech, while trying to limit intolerant mobs of people from one’s own shores. Good job Diana, hopefully the lass will think on the things you mentioned. KGS

Am I the only one who got the impression that this interviewer could be more interested in sex, Brangelina & Madonna?

Other News/feedback from the media:

  • Germany’s enlightened progressives (can’t call them Nazis or Commies no more because of political correctness) really hate Wilders: the “inciting” Dutchman

2 thoughts on “Dumber than dirt…”

  1. Well said sheik…… dumb as dirt.

    We’ll see if she’ll be still waxing lyrical about Islam when she’s forced to wear veil & convert – consumate moron.

    A articulate performance from diana West.

  2. I think this scantily dressed young interviewer is playing the devil’s advocate. Either that, or she has a mozzie boyfriend that she doesn’t want to see deported!!!

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