Erdogan Accuses Armenians of ‘Exterminating’ Turks

Insulting more than 2 million murdered Armenians, Greeks and Assyrians….

The bizzarro world of would-be sultan  Tayyip Erdogan, who wants to  bring back the Ottoman empire. Won’t be long now before Germany accuses da Jooozz of genocide against the German people. Meanwhile, Radovan Karadciz is in the Hague defending his honor and his country from the  Mohammedan terror.  In Trial, Karadzic Calls His Cause ‘Just and Holy’

ANKARA (RFE/RL)–Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Friday claimed that Armenians in the Ottoman Empire never faced genocide and, on the contrary, themselves plotted to exterminate Turks.

Erdogan was reported to angrily deny the historical record of Genocide as he marked the 95th anniversary of a rare Turkish military victory during World War One.

“In 1915 and before that, it was the Armenian side that pursued a policy aimed at exterminating our people which led to hunger, misery and death,” he said in a speech delivered in the city of Canakkale. “Forgetting all that is unfair and heartless. Our warriors always respected ancestral laws and did not kill innocent people even on the battlefield.”

Interesting argument, because Islam doesn’t know the concept of “innocent”. And by “ancient”  Erdogan obviously refers to Muhammad’s  70 + raids, “razzias” . Well, we know what he did: Muhammad killed even those who surrendered and had them dig trenches before he ordered his henchmen to cut their heads off.

“I should underline that this country’s soldier is bigger than history and that this country’s history is as clean and clear as the sun. No country’s parliament can tarnish it,” Erdogan said, in a clear reference to U.S. and Swedish lawmakers’ latest resolutions recognizing the annihilation of 1.5 million Armenians by Ottoman Turks as genocide.

This scumbag really seems to believe that allah will reward the killers for following koranic commands:

“There is no genocide in our civilization. Our civilization is the civilization of love, tolerance and brotherhood,” he added, according to “Today’s Zaman” daily.

Erdogan followed a similar line of reasoning last November when he stated that the universally condemned massacres of hundreds of thousands of civilians in Darfur, Sudan were not a genocide. “Muslims don’t commit genocide,” he said.

The Turkish premier did use the word “genocide,” however, when he condemned the deaths of several dozen Turkic-speaking and Muslim Uighurs during unrest in China’s northwestern Xinjiang region last July. “The killings of Uighur Turks by the Chinese police during demonstrations constitute genocide,” he said at the time. “I use this term intentionally.”

Sure. Just like the fake “Palestinians” who scream ‘genocide’ everytime Israel retaliates. Meanwhile, they have multiplied about eight times, thanks to the billions and billions in “aid” from the “International community…”

However, Erdogan is right. Islamically speaking, that is:

Erdogan is right. A Muslim can do no wrong when he kills unbelievers.

Qur’an 8:17, “It is not you who slew them; it was Allah who killed them. …

If a Muslim kills unbelievers, he doesn’t have to feel guilty, because its allah who kills for him.

A Muslim is doing allahs dirty work without ever feeling guilty.

Therefore, genocide never happened.

“It’s not possible for a Muslim to commit genocide”

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  1. Christians and Jews were treated like sh!t prior to WWI and the genocide, ” The Great Calamity”.
    The Christians and Jews were second-class citizens to Ottoman Muslims and were levied high protection taxes, “jizya”. They couldn’t bear arms of any sort, not even hunting rifles. They couldn’t even ride a horse.
    They were treated brutally when paying their jizya and were force out into the streets, on their knees, look to the ground and not in the face of the superior Muslim, hold their money up for him to snatch from their hands, and oten had to lick the mud from the boots of the Turk collecting the jizya. Then they were spat on and slapped alongside the head, hard enough to knock them over.
    In 1876, the Ottoman government was led by Sultan Abdul Hamid II. From the beginning of the reform period after the signing of the Berlin treaty, Hamid II attempted to stall their implementation and asserted that Armenians did not make up a majority in the provinces and that Armenian reports of abuses were largely exaggerated or, typically, false.

    In 1890, Hamid II created a paramilitary outfit known as the Hamidiye(the early version of the Gestapo) which was made up of Kurdish irregulars who were tasked to “deal with the Armenians as they wished.”

    Is there any wonder that Armeians would be pissed at the Turks in those days?
    Did they deserve to be massacred? No way! But that is the Muslim way, is it not? Allah decreed it in the Qur’an and it is Allah who did the killing of the Christian and Jewish and even some sympathetic moderate Muslim Armenians. So Erdogan can deny that Turks killed the Armenians…it was Allah’s desire after all.

    I don’t trust a Musselman as far as I can throw one.

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