Faizal doesn't like my muzak

We Got Mail! From Faizal, who posts from Delhi in India:

“u r the peoples who create terrorist”


Submitted on 2010/03/11 at 7:44am

who r u & why u r doing this?have u really studied islam or doing this for fame.if u really want to know islam and prophet i will help u other wise u r doing offence and ur spreadind hatred and people like u should be really killed.u r the peoples who create terrorist.i m not hiding my identity talk with me directly

14 thoughts on “Faizal doesn't like my muzak”

  1. You’re spreading hate so you must be killed. Fair and square wouldn’t you say? Would be a peaceful earth if the people who spread hate were killed, wouldn’t it? The mosques would be rather empty though.

    The other day I had a look at Pat Condell’s “fan” mail – oh my GAWD the things people want to do to him, some quite creative but non not ending in death for poor Pat.
    One thing they have in common though: They are all semi-illiterate. Their threats sound like the guttural cries of gorillas.

  2. Faizal,
    You are a moron – despite the overwhelming evidence that muslims murder, rape and behave like murderous thugs , you choose to threaten those that point this out with death. It appears that even though you might have eyes you certainly cannot see. Ask the folks who were murdered by muslims two days ago in Nigeria about what they think of you and your religion. Your name is being sent to the Indian security services – I hope you enjoy your conversation with them.

  3. “you should be killed”, really sums it up, doesn’t it, don’t need to say any more!
    As for Pat Condell, he’d get my vote for PM with Geert as President of Europe……

  4. Faizal,
    Your name and details have now been sent with a recommendation to the relevant departments. With luck they might be able to save you from your insanity – consider it a favour!!

  5. @Faizal,

    You are very much mistaken. Speaking for the many millions of women in the world with an IQ above room temperature:


  6. “people like u should be really killed”

    Par for the course for allah, its false prophet, and its slaves like faizal.

    Did you kill people like us in Mumbai a year or two ago, faizal? Done any wet work for allah?

  7. “u r the peoples who create terrorist”

    Did we create you, faizal, or are you allah’s handiwork? Do you read the blasphemous koran where allah sets out to cast terror into human hearts?

    Do you read the bits where it orders its slaves to strike off heads and maim people? Maybe you could understand a cartoon if the koran is too difficult.

    Islam – a dog turd on the front lawn of life!

  8. Islam – a dog turd on the front lawn of life!

    That sums it up perfectly.
    That or “The litter box of the world”.

  9. Has anyone wondered why Lebanese Christians hate Lebanese muslims? How can anyone co-exist and live peacefully with muslims. They are the dirtiest people on the face of the earth. I believe they are also allergic to water, these filthy animal screwing bastards. Why and what are they doing in our country? We don’t need to answer to trash who always try to justify their satanic cult? I sincerely believe that the only good muslim is a dead muslim. Go back to your own country, you shit eating pigs. You bastards have descended from apes and pigs.

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