Australia: "Far-Right white supremacists" planning anti-Islam march on state Parliament

Dirty Tricks From Far Left:

The editorial from the Herald Sun shrieks: Keep racism out We agree, of course. But Islam is not a race, in fact its Islam that’s hateful and racist. So how do we keep it out?

POLICE are monitoring a group linked to “far-Right white supremacists” who are planning an anti-Islam march on state Parliament.

Padraic Murphy, Nick Leys/Heraldsun thanks to Mullah

The march, scheduled for next month, threatens to further damage Melbourne’s reputation, already battered by attacks on Indian students.

A group linked to far-Right white supremacists has set up a Facebook page promoting a mass rally against immigrants and Islam.

There are fears it might descend into a Cronulla-style riot.

How its done:

The left hires a few Nazi actors with tatoos who shout “Sieg Heil” and do the Hitler salute, and the whole effort is discredited,  like here in Austria. How the left uses these dirty tricks you can see here too: Call Off the Race Hustlers… The Black Caucus Members Lied

“Listen Aussies, it’s time to harden up, close the gate, look after our own and keep our country as our country,” the Facebook page says.

Premier John Brumby slammed the rally, and said the matter had been referred to police.

“Racism is unacceptable in Victoria and will not be tolerated,” he said. “It is highly distressing when people seek to abuse their right to freedom of speech.”

Which race is Islam again?

The president of the Islamic Friendship Association, Keysar Trad, condemned the rally.

“It’s their democratic right to rally against anything they like, but it gives a very bad image of Australia to our neighbours, and doesn’t do much for internal cohesion,” he said.

Don’t you worry about that, Keysar. We’ll take care of our reputation. You take care of yours!

“The organisers should realise the majority of Australians do not share their view and can see the benefits and contributions Muslims have made to Australia.

Please list the benefits and contributions Muslims have made to Australia, Keysar. And while you’re at it, please list your own. Thanks.

“My message to the community is that Australians will not buy into this type of action.

“We’ve moved on from Cronulla, and they need to realise that.”

The Facebook group has gathered about 40 members and has received support from interstate.

Some posting messages have criticised the event.

“Cronulla comes to Melbourne. Another sad day for Australian history,” one message says.

Police are concerned about the event and have warned organisers not to break the law.

“A police response will be decided on once all of the information and intelligence is assessed,” a spokeswoman said.

“Police will be in touch with the organisers of the event in the near future.

“Victoria Police will not tolerate any breach of the Racial and Religious Tolerance Act.”

A man listed on the Facebook page as being behind the rally said he had no connection to it. However, his own Facebook page links to several white supremacist groups.

9 thoughts on “Australia: "Far-Right white supremacists" planning anti-Islam march on state Parliament”

  1. Plotting to blow up Lucas Heights, the MCG, commuter trains; refusing to carry service dogs in cabs; demanding wudu washers & ‘prayer” rooms in universities & airports … doesn’t do a lot for “community cohesion”, but still the rudd carpet is rolled out for them.

  2. I hope this march goes ahead and that someone in the mainstream media does not lie about their purpose……no doubt if it does there will be violent opposers who instantly becomes” victims.” Hope the march organizers have lots of cameras on hand.

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    By Philip Tourney, President, Liberty Veterans Association
    If you have a TV set in your home, a radio, a computer or read the newspaper, you know now America how Israel treats her only friend and benefactor in the world, the good ole USA.
    The Prime Minister of Israel told our Vice president where he could stick his Middle East peace plan a week or so ago. Several days ago this same Prime Minister of Israel then comes to our shores, at our nation’s very White House no doubt and tells the President of the United States the very same thing–“Stick your peace plan where the sun doesn’t shine“–and in person mind you.
    This VILE ARROGANT ZIONIST little state has been doing this ever since 1948 to every US President and every US Congress. As bad as this is however, what’s worse is that our leaders just lay back and take it. In whose interests do you think they are serving? It sure isn’t America’s.
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    The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff has warned congress about the danger Israel poses to America’s well being. General Petraeus says Israel is a danger to our troops and our National Security…Is congress listening? (A warning mysteriously rescinded after the Netanyahu visit to the US)

  4. Hell no. I write this article hoping us–WE THE PEOPLE–will finally stand up and hold the WH.RES in congress accountable for our men and women who are dying for the state of Israel.
    Israel is already guilty of war crimes against its only friend, the USA, and by that of course I mean the deliberate and pre-meditated MURDER of my shipmates aboard the USS LIBERTY on the high seas.
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    I sure don’t like Israel telling me to stick it where the sun never shines how about you? God help us!!
    Philip F. Tourney

    1. mamboleo or zuher or whatch-u-may call yourself, you have just been gone for posting under multiple monikers and wasting our time on Israel/ Jew hatred & conspiracy crap. Bye!

  5. mamboleo,
    You seem to be rather confused!! About many thing! Israel poses no threat to America. The Jewish scientists were basically the prime workers behind the development of nuclear science, and you think they need YOUR help to build a weapon. You have just implied that the USA has the right to interfere in the internal affairs of Sovereign nations!! It does not, and Israel has every right to tell the idiot Obama to mind his own business!! How much money has been wasted by your country in buying loyalties Palestinian and Arab authorities – in the UN and on other platforms. This is the real reason that there is no peace – Arab interests use the Palestinians as a means to keep conflict on the stage so that their own ambitions can be furthered in the background. Israel is the only source of light in the region, and fools like you want to destroy it! The descriptions you gave of others in your confused mumbling appears to be a self portrait?? Now go and think about what you write before doing contributing again.

  6. If a riot aka Cronulla occurs then it will have been instigated by the islamist scum. This would be, more or less, an open declaration of war against our society and the laws which govern it. An appropriate answer would be mass deportations of muslim instigators to violence, termination of employment for PC police leaders who have so damaged our country by turning their heads to islamic based infractions against Australian law and Australian citizens, and removal of any islamic influences from our political systems – this means closing down some of the very dubious human rights commissions that pollute the political scene. If muslims do not wish to integrate they can leave, but they are not free to try impose a failed society on our country.

  7. The truth will out…the anti islam people have to be very disciplined..The violence will surely come from the other side..this is their pattern in the UK ,little old NZ, everywhere…they scream and shout , racism , fascism etc but they are always the first to lose control….
    Cameras ready guys..the camera never lies but these people can turn lying into an art form.

  8. mamboleo or what ever your stupid name is, you are not only confused, but you are one of the stupidest, brainless clods to ever air such ridiculous views. You are either a very sick person or a full blooded jihadist. Either way keep your stupid comments to yourself and for your faithful brainmashed listeners who congregate in your devilish chambers. It is time someone took a stand aginst the governments pansy policies. How dare these miserable bastards come to our country under the guise of asslym seekers when most of them are jihadists coming from muslim countries. A curse and a plague upon these descendents of pigs and apes, filthy muslim dogs.

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