Free Christmas Island From Mohammedan Occupation!

The island we gave to the boat people

Might as well make it their own new country:

THE Rudd government has commissioned a secret land audit on Christmas Island as it prepares for a detainee population predicted to reach 5000 within four yearsLocals sources told The Weekend Australian that senior officials from the Department of Immigration and Citizenship have told them it is necessary to research and prepare early for the possibility that the number of irregular maritime arrivals on the island could blow out from 1809 yesterday to between 4000 and 5000 by 2014. Andrew Bolt has more. including KRudds hockey stick…..

Taj Al-Din Hamed Abdallah Al-Hilali is claiming that Australia was originally Muslim land, settled by Afghans. The Aborigines are their descendants: More>>

Closer to home, from Dhumme Dhimmi:

Halal Barbeque Backfires:

Members of the school’s Parents and Friends Association believed they were “being inclusive” when they ordered halal-only sausages for last month’s barbie.

But some parents thought it was political correctness gone mad to offer only halal meat.

Parent Diane Rees said yesterday that she was outraged when told by the PFA that “we have to buy halal because we have some Muslim children in the school”.

“I said to the principal, ‘I think you’re discriminating against the majority of the school and appeasing the minority by only serving halal,’ ” she said. “It’s not fair on my children that they can’t eat at the school.”

But Australian Federation of Islamic Councils president Ikebal Patel said….blah blah blah Heraldsun has more>>>

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5 thoughts on “Free Christmas Island From Mohammedan Occupation!”

  1. Ikebal Patel: “… for God’s sake …”

    Which God, Ikebal?

    “But as to the Gentiles who have the faith, we sent a letter, giving our decision that they were to keep themselves from offerings made to false gods, and from blood, and from the flesh of animals put to death in ways against the law, and from the evil desires of the body.”
    (Acts 21:25)

    Rules out allah, as far as I am concerned.

  2. “It was very thoughtful of the parents and friends association to try to cater for Muslims.” – so when can we expect some thoughfulness to be forthcoming from your lot, Ikebal?

    “Not likely, infidel…”

  3. When is the government going to throw these dirty, filthy scumbags back into the ocean where they belong. Hallal meat to please these insufferable pigs. My goodness gracious me, these bastards are not human beings, but dirty, filthy animals and that is why they have sex with animals.
    Thanks for the info. Mullah Lodabullah, I was not familiar with that passage of scripture.
    I love people, because love is of God, but these mongrels, gosh, not even their own parents love them, because they send them off to commit suicide and mass murder. God have mercy on their miserable souls.

  4. Dear Huddie and all,
    The best course of action is to determine WHO in the P&F association forced this halal crap onto the others, and then expose them to the public. These people need to be exposed to the public – expend your energy on this task as it accomplish more than yelling in print.

    I have a suggestion, but it needs the Sheiks agreement and help since it will indirectly use his web site. In point of fact, open discussion on proposals of the nature of what follows is welcomed – but after this open discussion is completed then information that is contributed to this “program” should be not open to the public eye as it will be given to either governmental prosecution staff or to law firms who are willing to donate some time (costs here need to be considered) to protecting our society. If people have not understood what is written here then please put a question on this blog and I will attempt to answer. Please note that at all times we MUST work within the law and that the information will NOT be used for vigilante actions etc.
    Sheik, if you are in favor of an approach as suggested, can you please create a page where discussion of proposals can be made. At this stage it is irrelevant if the muslim enemy reads the contributions to the preliminary program.

    I would like our concerned readers in the area where the halal fiasco occurred to start finding out who was responsible. You will need to talk to parents, with their consent, and you should be quite honest about the nature of your research: You are trying to find out why Australian customs were allowed to be replaced by invading muslim practices, with the goal of preventing it from happening again through legislation and the courts. I am quite serious about this: if you are serious about protecting your country then find all you can, with verifiable references, and pass it onto the Sheik who can pass it onto me.
    Under no circumstances should this information be made available to the public. I will put in the effort to see what laws have been broken, and if so, I will directly pass this information, after some discussion with others, to the public prosecutions people. If there are legal people who are willing to put some time in on this – and I believe the cause is a good one – then give your name to the Sheik (do not post it on the open blog) who can give it to me and I will run some checks on you – this however will take some time – If such a watchdog group is to be formed then we do not want muslims on it for reasons that should not require explaining – in effect all muslims are compromised regardless of where they stand on the issues of muslim integration.

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