Genital Mutilation in Atlanta

Must be a tribal thing, nothing to do with Islam. At least Islam  is not mentioned in this article, so hey, why would anyone blame the religion of 1.5 gazillion peaceful Muslims with cutting the clits off   babies?

Coming to America. Notice the Jewish dhimmi’s use of the world “circumcising” in the below article. This has nothing to do with circumcision. This is an Islamic custom (95% of the girls in Egypt have been clitorectomized.) It is widely practiced in Africa as well.

Mom accused of circumcising infant girl AJC

A 35-year-old mother was arrested for allegedly circumcising her 10-month-old daughter, police said.

The LaGrange woman is currently being held in the Troup County jail without bond, Sgt. Chad Mann told the AJC. She faces female genital mutilation and child cruelty charges, Mann said.

“A relative changing the baby noticed that she appeared to be circumcised,” Mann said.

The AJC is not publishing the mother’s name to avoid identifying the infant.

The metro Atlanta, Ga., woman, Melody Onyonyor, was taken in to custody following the results of an investigation by the Troup County Sheriff’s Office and the Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS). Apparently, a relative of the baby’s father had tipped off investigators, after they had changed the infant’s diaper and noticed that the child’s genitals had been severely cut.

Atlas has more: Mom in Atlanta Accused of Clitorectomizing 10-Month-Old Daughter

As usual, not a peep out of the Feminist/Leninists. This is the kind of cultural depravity that Geert Wilders speaks of when he is referencing out from his remarks that ‘Islam is a retarded culture.’ This clitoris cut-off with broken glass by the mother is but one example of what are many examples in the bag of Islamo-culture. Disgusting….

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  1. If this is not an ‘Islamic thing’ then how come only muslims do this, and we find it in many muslim countries?

    I do believe though, that different groups such as the Hannafis do it as a ‘courtesy of the husband’, and they are not supposed to remove the clitoris itself – but when you got just a bunch of dimwits performing this procedure – I would say that the liklihood of them not knowing what they are doing is a high probablity.

  2. By her name it seems she’s came from Nigeria,north of Nigeria a Lovely Place….

  3. ….you know, the peaceful folks that just set fire to homes and chopped up women and children with machetes .What a beautiful place to spent his summer holiday.

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