German city bans Israel flag – again

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Kassel authorities explain prohibition at event to combat anti-Semitism comes as “Israeli flag could disturb pedestrians” and “threaten” them.


The city of Kassel in the German state of Hesse has issued a ban on the display of anIsraeli flag at an information stand planned on Saturday by the group Alliance Against Anti-Semitism (AAAS).

According to a report Friday on the Web site of German news outlet Nordhessische, local authorities justified the prohibition at the event to combat anti-Semitism because the “Israeli flag could disturb pedestrians” and they could feel “threatened” by the expression of the flag of the Jewish state.

Hmm, if the Israeli flag “disturbs pedestrians” and “threatens” them, perhaps the yellow star is more to their liking?

Jews Marked With Yellow Stars Again/Atlas Tip

Kassel, a city of roughly 200,000, previously cracked down on the display of the blue-and-white flag during the IDF’s Operation Cast Lead in Gaza. While demonstrations involving calls to “kill Israelis” took place in Kassel and across German cities during the Gaza war, local authorities seized and banned the display of Israeli flags in Duisburg, Düsseldorf, Bochum, Mainz and Berlin. Pro-Palestinian demonstrators attempted to shut down a solidarity stand for Israel in January 2009 in Kassel, prompting the removal of the Israeli flag.

According to numerous observers in Germany, authorities are quick to punish pro-Israel Germans who display Israeli flags and Hebrew signs, while permitting violent incitement against Jews and Israelis at rallies organized by Muslims and Left Party members. A student in the industrial city of Bochum was fined €300 in September for waving anIsraeli flag as a counterprotest at an anti-Israel rally where demonstrators invoked inflammatory, hate-driven rhetoric against the Jewish state.

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  1. Anti Jew and anti Israel will continue to grow until Jews grow some balls and stop supporting those that will kill you.

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