Germans prefer serfdom

Depressing, to say the least.

The Castrated Serfs of EUNUCHISTAN/ p 2

Nostalgia for the Socialist State

The first time ’round National Socialism didn’t work out that well. What will it be this time? International Islamo-Socialism?

Gates of Vienna

Our German correspondent maggieTh sends along his translation of a news article, and includes this introductory note.

Today, the Financial Times Deutschland published the data of an Emnid poll, as given in the Bild-Zeitung.

As of today I know what I have to have fear in Germany. It looks like the Anglo-Saxon nations shouldn’t have left this inherently socialist nation in 1949, but rather remained for at least two generations and trained this country in a free economy.

Since the breakdown of the debt-ridden German (and EU) economy is going to occur even if it takes a few years, the road to serfdom is clear to see and seems inevitable.

Note: Emnid is a very reputable opinion research institute.

I’ve got bad news for maggieTh and anyone else in Germany who thinks the USA would have put a roadblock in Germany’s path to Socialism: we’re heading down the same road to serfdom ourselves. The United States got a later start than Europe, and that’s why we’re so far behind, but Obama has put the pedal to the metal to ensure that we catch up as soon as possible.

MaggieTh’s translation:
Majority of Germans want the socialist state

If work, security, and solidarity were provided, up to 80% of German citizens could reconcile themselves the Marxist form of government, according to a poll. It also says that one in twelve is willing to sell his vote.

A large majority of Germans, according to a poll, could imagine living in a socialist state, as long as jobs, solidarity and security were provided.

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2 thoughts on “Germans prefer serfdom”

  1. This is correct!

    The German people I have dealt with are 100% happy with socialism, just the high tax part bugs them a bit. They like to be told what to do by their government, right down to ridiculous details. I don’t think they would know what to do with freedom if it were offered them.

    A good country in many ways, very innovative and all but a strange psyche inherent in them.

  2. I can tell you that this is not what the people think – at least from my experience – and the survey has absolutely no validity unless the authors are forthcoming in the number used to the collection of statistics and the regions from where interviewed persons came. The viewpoint that “socialism is good” is prevalent in the old DDR, but they comprise 25% of the total voting public: I suspect the conclusions drawn are rubbish, and fairly typical of the brain dead socialist.

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