Germany: "Moderate" Muslims threaten to quit govt-sponsored integration conference after "extremist" group excluded

There are no “moderates:” Turkey’s PM Erdogan: The term “moderate Islam” is ugly and offensive — Islam is Islam – but there are lots of useful idiots:

But…but…I thought that the Vast Majority of Peaceful Muslims utterly repudiated the Tiny Minority of Extremists! “German Islamic leaders may quit integration conference,” from Deutsche Presse Agentur, March 12:

Cologne – Islamic leaders in Germany debated on Friday whether to suspend their involvement in a government-sponsored forum on German-Islamic integration, after a fundamentalist Islamic group had been excluded.Four leading Islamic organizations, representing religious groups and secular Muslims, threatened to leave the German-Islam Conference after the Interior Ministry excluded the Council of Islam, dominated by the international Milli Gorus movement.

The ministry had ruled that legal investigations into the activities of Milli Gorus, viewed by officials as the largest Islamist organization on German soil, could overshadow the conference, set up to address Muslim integration issues….

Interior Minister useful idiot  Thomas de Maiziere said he was happy to take the groups’ concerns on board.

‘Subjects such as racism and Islamophobia can certainly find a place,’ Maiziere told German daily Sueddeutsche Zeitung in reference to the reorganized German-Islam Conference.

But of course!

4 thoughts on “Germany: "Moderate" Muslims threaten to quit govt-sponsored integration conference after "extremist" group excluded”

  1. If these Muslim groups boycott the conference, any and all money that the German government would have given them, should be allocated to anti-Islam groups.

    We will then see how quickly these Muslim groups change their tune.

  2. Actually, the German government has already lost this argument. Allowing the conference to be called “German-Islamic integration” equates islam with a nation (Germany) not a religion (Lutheran).

    Although this is a step forward in the recognition of the fact that muslims believe the umma is a valid nation (and therefore justifies their nazi behaviour) the public recognition also equates the so-called ‘islamophobia’ with racism.

    The only thing to do now is to invite these ‘extremist groups’ and insist that EVERYTHING is televised for the whole nation to see how they behave.

    Bring it all out in the open, plans for islamic nationalisation, shariah, second class citizenship of the kuffir – EVERYTHING!

    Time to stop pussy footing!

  3. This attempt to alloy iron with clay is an exercise in futility, but still the dhimmi governments keep looking for the secret ingredients to make it happen.

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