Heartbreak: "Future of Islam Online in doubt"

The Guardian (of Muslims) cries in solidarity:

Future of one of the world’s largest Islamic sites in doubt as row escalates between Qatari managers and workers in Egypt

“Conservatives” to blame:

The future of one of the largest Islamic websites in the world was in doubt today after hundreds of staff walked out, accusing new managers of trying to hijack the site in order to promote a hardline, conservative agenda.

IslamOnline was founded in 1997 by the controversial Egyptian cleric Yusuf al-Qaradawi, a popular preacher who has previously been banned from entering the United States and Britain.

Al Qaradawi. Its hard to find a headbanger that’s more “controversial” or hardline than him. He must be a “conservative” then, right?  Gee, tonight I’m gonna check under the bed for conservatives……

2 thoughts on “Heartbreak: "Future of Islam Online in doubt"”

  1. Nah!!!! Just follow the money!

    I bet the staff haven’t been paid in a while! It is very expensive to run a website.

    I went online yesterday and noticed that their advertising spots were empty.

    The money is drying up. Prepare to go on the attack world dhimmis

    I am working on removing this abomination from the globe!

  2. Qatar Managers know they are running out of money and don’t know how to tell them! So they are using the well known tools of conservative speak to get them to quit. Which they will.

    Reformist schmeformist! There is only ONE Islam!

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