Hey Joe, where ya going with that gun in yor hand?

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Arab leaders call for Jihad over Jerusalem. Again.

Over the past 150 years, Muslims have learned that the threat of Jihad scares Westerners. The concern that hordes of half-crazed third-world Mohammedan zealots would go nuts is a consistent motif throughout contemporary newspapers of a century ago no less than it is today, just today it is less politically correct to think in terms of half-crazed third-world Mohammedan zealot. Elder of Ziyon has more

“I condemn the decision by the government of Israel to advance planning for new housing units in East Jerusalem”

Vice President Joseph Robinette Biden, March 09, 2010

OOPS! No Palestinian State This Year /eyeontheworld

Sultan Knish:

For nearly twenty years the great sham of the Middle East Peace Process has dragged on. And this despicable scam has consisted of only one policy, only one platform and only one plan. Pressuring Israel for more concessions.

Year in and year out, new peace conferences were declared and new plans for peace were hammered out. All of them had one thing in common, they carved up Israel for a non-existent peace. When Arafat and his gang of terrorists made a concession, it was to demand 5 percent less of Israel in the current phase of negotiations. When Israel made a concession, it was to turn over another 10 percent of land to its worst enemies in this phase of negotiations… in exchange for them putting off their demands for that 5 percent into the next phase of the negotiations. And this sick charade in which Israel gave and the terrorists took was the peace process.

While this great surrender process was going on, outside the bombs went on exploding, tearing apart buses, restaurants, malls and families– the politicians and diplomats in charge excused the terrorists and damned Israel if it so much as lifted a finger to defend itself, or erected a single checkpoint to catch at least one of the terrorists on the way to kill a dozen people in Jerusalem.

And now….

But why listen to me? Listen instead to the soothing words of Ahmad Bahar, the Speaker of the Palestinian Authority Parliament.

“Make us victorious over the infidel people… Allah, take hold of the Jews and their allies, Allah, take hold of the Americans and their allies… Allah, count them and kill them to the last one and don’t leave even one.”

Ah, but you say it’s about “the occupation”. And there will be peace when the terrorists have all the land they feel they’re entitled to. But… no.

“Our enmity with the Jews is a matter of faith, more than an enmity owing to occupation and the land.”

Oh yes, there will be peace when they have all the land that they feel Muslims are entitled to. And this is the scope of their territorial demands.

“Soon, Allah willing, Rome will be conquered, like Constantinople was conquered, according to the prophecy of our prophet Muhammad. Their capital will be the first post of the Islamic conquests that will spread all over Europe then it will turn to the two Americas and even to Eastern Europe.”

The Middle East Peace Scam/read it all

Islam Will Conquer US-Europe, Conquer Rome…..

5 thoughts on “Hey Joe, where ya going with that gun in yor hand?”

  1. Why can’t the entire non muslim world have a jihad on every muslim country? This will surely wake these bloody imbeciles up as nothing else ever will.

  2. Our type of defensive war never jihad, Huddie.

    It’s played by effective rules and it is kosher by every God.
    We can never be like them. That would be tooooo gross.
    1.whatever billion of them is bad enough. It is going to take centuries to rectify.

  3. Apart from Hamas’s Islamic “jihad forever” Charter against the Jewish people world wide, its infighting and slaughter of many of its own for personal power Palestine will never sign a peace treaty with Israel because it will lose all the UNWRA jobs, filled by Hamas supporters and it will lose the squillions of economic aid from the EU, USA and its “charitable funds” from muslim supporters all over the world. The leaders would not be able to divert overseas money to their Swiss Bank accounts and the younger Hamas guys can see that their future would not bring the same monetary gains that the present leaders siphon off if a peace deal is signed. So the status quo will remain, Hamas will continue to provoke Israel and offer up their women and children as martyrs (all conveniently filmed for propoganda to convince the world they are hard done by) so that they can continue to make themselves millionaires! And the world will continue to fund these evil men demonising Israel whilst laughing as they fill their bank accounts courtesy of the global non muslim taxpayers. And the ordinary Palestinians will continue to suffer. Islam never changes.

  4. I think Obama is much more suited for the head dress of a Muslim than the VP is.
    Netanyahu pulled a great boer by annouoncing that 1600 new housing units will be built, expanding the settlements and creating a conflict of interest for Biden. Biden thought it was going to be a “cake walk”.
    But old, crafty “Netty-hu” had some surprises for dumb-ol Joe and Big “O”.
    He wants Biden and the POTUS to condemn a few major Palestinian political moves before he makes concessions. If Biden doesn’t comply??? So what! The 1600 units go up! Big deal. They tried to deal with the US but Biden was too stupid to realize the power play at hand.
    Haven’t Obama or Biden ever played chess?
    I’ll be they have, but not nearly as well as an Israeli can play the game.

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