India: the real target was Chabad House

Who could have guessed? (sarc/off)

Because Muslims are commanded to kill da Jooozzz. Its their religion. But when you read the garbage that Ben Arnoldy from the Christian Science Monitor writes, you end up  more confused than he is.

(JTA) — Chabad House was the target of last month’s bomb attack on a bakery in India, a government official said.

The Indian state of Maharashtra’s Chief Minister Ashok Chavan told the Indian Legislative Assembly Monday that the target of the attackers was the Pune Chabad House, located several yards from the German Bakery.

Chavan said the bakery was targeted after the attackers discovered that Chabad was well protected by state police, according to the Press Trust of India.

“There was adequate security near the Chabad House,” he told the Assembly. “Since the attackers could not break the security, they targeted the German Bakery.

“We have increased our police force and also purchased sophisticated weapons to deal with such attacks. We are taking all the necessary security measures based on intelligence reports.”

Seventeen people were killed and others injured in the bomb attack in Pune on Feb. 13.

Following the attack, the Pune police asked the Chabad House to update its security system at a cost of $20,000.

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  1. There is no place for these haters of peace and prosperity in our world. The sooner they are wiped out, the better off we will all be. I hope the Indian government thumbs their noses to the rest of the world and seek out these murderers and wipe them off the face of the earth. While they are about it, they should also wipe out pakistan too.

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