Islamic Activities & Other Multicultural Enrichment News

Germany:  Woman Raped for Seven Hours

A woman who was on the way home was brutally and repeatedly raped and injured for seven hours by a 58-year-old Iranian man at a clubhouse. When an opportune moment came, the woman was able to flee, and she was able to take along a circular that gave details about the perpetrator.  PI has more>>

Gouda pays protection money to Mohammedan infiltraitors

Criminal Mohammedans are being rewarded. To prevent  “marginalized youths” from  rioting, the Dutch government pays the jiziya with willing submission. (If that doesn’t help our “Far Right Populist” Geert Wilders  I don’t know what will…/ed) Original in German from PI:  Gouda: Stadt zahlt Schutzgeld

From the RoP:

Christian Burned, Wife Raped for Not Embracing Islam…

They only tried to save them from going to infidel hell….

Exporting Terror: 3 of 4 ‘Kashmiri’ Jihadis are Foreign…

Only a regional conflict, nothing to do with the global jihad, every other enlightened progressive would say…

Saudi Men Hold Children for Ransom…

Typically, in Islamic law, a mother, even if she is not a Muslim, can keep custody of her male children until the age of nine and of her female children until the age of seven after which custody goes to the father. (the reality is often different/ed)

Husband Cuts Off Wife’s Ears and Nose for Reporting Abuse…

Archive Photo

Well, as long as it “gladdens the heart,” what’s wrong with it?

Accused Child Rapists Attack Christian Victim’s Family…

How dare these dirty kafirs accuse the pure Muslims of wrongdoing!

CAIR Wants ‘Pakistan 5’ Released

A Muslim brothers loyalty supersedes all others….

Watch out for “REVERTS”

(Reuters) – A Chicago man pleaded guilty in court on Thursday to scouting targets for the 2008 assault on Mumbai that killed more than 160 people, including six Americans.

In a plea agreement with prosecutors, Headley pleaded guilty to 12 conspiracy counts in exchange for avoiding the death penalty and a promise not to be extradited to India, Pakistan or Denmark. More>>

Polish ‘Revert’ in Germany refused service in post office:

Mummenschantz rejected, clerks job in jeopardy…

This article from Hamburger Morgenpost concerns a young woman who was refused service at a Hamburg post office because the clerk did not like the fact that she was in full niqab. Needless to say, the clerk’s job is now in jeopardy.

“You will not be served while veiled!” From the Gates of Vienna

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  1. * Gouda pays protection money to Mohammedan infiltraitors

    The UN and OIC would approve of this “proportionate” (no balls) response.

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