Islamic prayers on the streets of Milan and the rule of law

Thanks to Islamization Watch: What would be really provocative if Christians would line up outside Muslim shops ~ say a butchers and hold a prayer session for about 1/2 hr, there. Wonder if the police would have the same attitude when the Muslims call.

What is amazing is that you don’t see this type of organized in-your face- street prayer demonstrations  in the Islamic world.

Milan (AsiaNews) – I read a news story the other day that made me jump. The scene is Milan, in the middle of the Vittorio Emanuele Gallery, Wednesday 17 March at 17:00. A group of 7 people stop in front of the Giorgio Bernasconi silverware shop. Take off their shoes and jackets, lay them on the ground and kneel on them. One of them is an imam who leads the group, which begins to pray the pray ‘asr. The shop owner asks them to move away from his window. Nothing. The owner calles the police, who reply “they are praying, we can’t do anything”.

Bernasconi explains: “In the Milan Gallery, any type of public event needs authorization. There are municipal police who even book artists for daring to put the foot of a tripod on one of the mosaics and if someone dares to ride a bike, they receive heavy fines. But they did nothing; they did not even check their documents”.  The Muslims explained that “when the time comes for prayer, wherever they are, they kneel and begin their liturgy.”

It is not an unfamiliar scene. In Viale Jenner it is a regular sight, as in many quarters of all European cities. It is obvious that, in this case at least, the action was planned and organized to give “testimony” to the “unbelievers” (kuffar) of the West!

It is a well studied act of religious propaganda!

But the scandal is not so much the attitude of the men in prayer. It is the reaction of the municipal police and the city. The street belongs to everyone, and nobody has the right to monopolize it, even for a quarter of an hour, without authorization. No matter what the reason: the procession of the Blessed Sacrament or prayer, political, social, sporting or any other kind of demonstration. The street belongs to everyone and can not be monopolized by anyone without prior authorization.

Beyond the fact that there is a question of principle. The law is above everything and everyone, even above religion. In this case, Muslims are not obliged to say their prayers immediately and on the street. The vast majority of observant Muslims, in Muslim countries, wait until they are home to pray. Furthermore, the Islamic Sharia authorizes the faithful to combine two prayers when the need requires it. So such behaviour cannot be justified by religious obligation. Anyway, it could not be used as an excuse! It is purely an act of propaganda and proselytizing.

The problem is twofold. On the one hand, Muslims often tend to think that religion is above the law and civil standards. This is because the concept of secularism in Muslim countries is almost nonexistent, despite the theories of some “orientalists” who claims that Islam, having no clergy like Christianity, is a secular religion, but we all know in our countries that clericalism in Islam is much greater than that of Christianity, even of Orthodox Christianity! In the common mentality, the “divine law” (but divine for whom?) exceeds the human law. Moreover, propaganda, Islamic Da’wa, is a religious obligation: every Muslim is expected to proclaim the profession of faith in the face of the wicked, and to invite them to Islam, the only true faith.

On the other hand, Homo Europaeus has become confused and has doubts about himself. Sometimes he behaves arrogantly in front of others, and sometimes he is silent and allows himself be droned out by the argument of others as if he felt guilty and was in need of forgiveness. Yet Europe, despite all its flaws (especially its spiritual emptiness) can be proud of its socio-political system. The mistake is to forsake this in the name of a false multiculturalism. The rules of the country, whatever they be, are binding on all. Even if they were wrong, they are valid until they are replaced by another lawful authority. Every concession is a step backwards for everyone.

We hope that this little incident will not happen again, and that everyone is made to understand what the Rule of Law means.

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  1. Just get a truck, and drive down the street. If it happens it my part of the world the muzz scum will be dealt with.

  2. I think the Police are verbaling Bernasconi! He should look into the facts of the Milan authorisation process and make it stick.
    The Rule of Law is the Rule of Law!!!!

    …”The shop owner asks them to move away from his window. Nothing. The owner calles the police, who reply “they are praying, we can’t do anything”
    Bernasconi explains: “In the Milan Gallery, any type of public event needs authorization…

    …”We hope that this little incident will not happen again, and that everyone is made to understand what the Rule of Law means.”

  3. ‘verbaling’ means to say something that sounds nice or what you want to hear, or to put someone off, but essentially it is not the truth.

  4. Here in America at least we call the police to let Jihad® inc… we are watching them when they pull the rugs out in the middle of a city. Makes for a nice video, even when the Muslims are the ones with the camera. Haha.

  5. Arrest every single one of them if they refuse to leave, mug photographs & fingerprints then give them some hefty fines. They’ll then weigh up whether this sort of Da’wa is worth it.

  6. This is all unnecessary, just get a group of women: Old, young, fat, thin, doesn’t matter. To walk pass them, singing loudly.
    Every time they get down to pray – if you have a dog you can walk – take it with you. (Donkey would do!)

    Make sure that you make a noise, laughing and singing!
    How often must these “prayers” be invalidated before they give up and go to the mosques they insist on building.

  7. GSW has it right. It is about time we do something if we see this sort of thing. Being a woman I could walk in front of them and fart. Oh, I already did that to one guy who actually thought he was going to get away with showing off in front of a grocery store in my area.

    I pulled the truck over, got out, went over and walked in front of him, made a farting noise (since I didn’t have a natural one), and then crossed the street. I walked into a store and bought something, then walked back and did the same thing. Only I didn’t go across the street right away. He rolled his rug up and left.

  8. Just remembered something…these rugs they use, are they ‘special’ ones, or just any old rug/rag? If they’re a ‘special’ one, adapting one to fit around the dunny would be they way to go, I’d reckon…

  9. And as far as seeing these mussies in public, breaking into song by singing “HAVA NAGILA” is also good value…

  10. Or just throw a loud street party – loud music. alcohol, guys and gals dancing -take your streets back and fade the muslim scum to the insignificance that they are.

  11. I know I’d get fined or arrested, but while these freaks are kneeling down, I dont know if I could resist standing in front of them and pissing in their faces.

  12. Muslims do not have power..they have evil..Why can’t they pray without all the ritualised movements?? Oh that’s right , the collective movements add to the brainwashing affect . They do not have the right to do what they want wherever they want. Why do they behave like spoiled children? Because the men in particular are spoiled children.

  13. Incidentally, Mo, you might consider what Jesus Christ, the Son of God, had to say about hypocrites who love to be seen “praying” mohammedan style “everywhere they want” … being seen by men is their “reward”:

    “”And when praying, you must not be like the hypocrites. They are fond of standing and praying in the synagogues or at the corners of the wider streets, in order that men may see them. I solemnly tell you that they already have their reward.” – Jesus Christ, Matthew 6:5, Holy Bible.

  14. Mohamed,
    So muslims can inconvenience others at will?? You really are a moronic and selfish muslim, aren’t you??

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